Monday, October 31, 2011

11th edition released of SketchUp-ur-space

Sketchup-ur-space has released it’s 11th edition magazine. This October issue deals with various warehouse component, plug-ins and benefits from Google SketchUp.

The magazine is a monthly ezine on 3D modeling tools of SketchUp. It basically discuss about tools and it’s plug-in. There are number of article, blogs, news, tutorial and many more as well as you can get expert view by SketchUp artists in this magazine. The issue possess an interview of Gerbe Dumahil, the winner of SketchUp competition organized by Sketchup-ur-space. Reader gets plenty of SketchUp stories of the creator of the top five entries and big eminent like Nomed Adona and Jim Leggitt make their contribution to make the magazine a treasure of resources.
You can get the magazine from its official home site in easy readable PDF format.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Transforming your photo to 3D objects for free

Want to give an extra edge to your 2D photo..? 

Adding an extra dimension to your two axis plane image is now easy with 3Defy Modeler. 3Defy Modeler is an interactive web based application which allows you to transform the two-dimension photos into three-dimension objects absolutely free.

3Defy Modeler is built by a team of professional & passionate designer, engineers & 3D enthusiasts. This software provides a basic tool to alter 2D images and is powered by Adobe Flash Player 11’s 3D so that you can turn different objects to their images into separate layers. Each of the layers can be represents by you using this 3Defy Modeler’s built in tools. It allows you to push, pull wrap or bend objects as you wish though 3Defy Modeler doesn’t give you the industrial level 3D modeler but it provides enough tools to create some impressive & eye popping visuals.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Release of new PCB layout for Google SketchUp

Great news for Designers, RS components released of new PCB converter for Google SketchUp. Google SketchUp is already very much popular for creating 3D design and day by day growing more popularity & loyal following amongst electronics design engineers not because of its capability as a CAD package but also due to the fact that many of these capabilities are available in free version.

Using PCB converter you can import data formats like IDF to SketchUp. It comes with a new module which have additional 3D CAD back end capability to PCB design tool as well as it also takes Google SketchUp into electronic product design area, transfers files from CAD environment and provide IDF result into COLLADA file format.
Electronic engineers can export the PCB designs into SketchUp and assess their compatibility with the mechanical constraints & mount. It allows them to make decision for making design immediately. After that designers can incorporate 3D models of electromechanical component to complete their design.

The PCB converter can be downloaded for free for SketchUp from

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Download Google SketchUp Component Free

If you are creative and want to build something your own, then Google SketchUp is the best way to explore your creativity. It is most suitable package for making 3D models of almost everything. There are plenty of free readymade SketchUp components available by which you can make 3D models. Dynamic component in SketchUp are objects like furniture, cars, plants, playground, kitchen, art galley, home, door, windows, stadium, cabinet etc. that have been programmed to know what they are. Warehouse components are designed & programmed in a manner to react realistically to manipulate or editing, animate or replicate accordingly.
On the basis of most usable component we have added number of SketchUp component. All of them are free for download. You need to just download those models and add to your SketchUp image. Soon we are coming with more components and will also be available for free download.

Download  free SketchUp Component here.   

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Drawing ceiling is simple in Google SketchUp

This blog will show you how to draw ceiling in SketchUp. There are lots of tools in tool panel which user not even attempts to use it, so it is very important to get familiar with all those tool bars to make complete use of the product. In this order have a look on “Line” tool in SketchUp to create a simple polygonal & then using the “Move” tool to increase the polygon off the ground by specifying an amount. The techniques are the same as those for designing a floor plan, excepting the same quantity of the objects that a floor plan does. After that to apply color or texture, you can use the Paint Bucket button from the tool bar and then choose a texture, click on it from the gallery of swatches to apply the texture to your ceiling.    

Here I am mentioning few steps needs to follow:

  • To run the “Line” tool, click on the button shaped like line segments on the tool bar. It is used to create polygons from the line segments. Click on the ground to deploy the first point of one edge of the ceiling.
  • Drag your mouse to create a vertical portion of an “L” character. Ceiling will take the shape of the character. 
  • Then click the mouse to complete the vertical portions of the “L” and drag it to right to create the horizontal base. Click on the mouse and drag up a short distance to your right and do it again to your left as well. Now your are at the base of the vertical portion of the “L”. Click it again and drag upward until a dotted line comes, cutting across the mouse path. 
  • Now you need to click on mouse and then drag it to left to connect to the starting point of the “L”. SketchUp will automatically fill up the shape with grey shade to indicate that polygon formed for ceiling’s plan.
  • At last click you need to run the “Move” tool. For that click on button shaped like a four headed arrow on the tool panel & then drag it upside on the “L” to raise it up from the ground. Give “10” to specify the height “10” feet, then press “Enter button” to position the L-design exactly ten feet above the ground which is a common height.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Harald Belker, Hollywood artist share PULSE-pounding visuals effect using SketchUp

Harald Belker is a Hollywood artist man behind contributing several iconic movie vehicles. He used Google SketchUp to design his Vehicular creds.
Harald share his experience using SketchUp for his latest design. The Vehicular Creds includes:
The Lightcycle from movie TRON-Legacy
The Batmobile from Batman & Robin
The Lexus 2054 and Mag-Lev vehicle from Minority Report of Stephen’s Spielberg
He was using SketchUp extensively on his latest project, PULSE: the complete guide to the future for racing. It says that he can easily visualize the idea very quickly, giving a broader range to explore using Google SketchUp. “Using SketchUp is literally like using pencil” he added. The SketchUp allows to create an environment for any vehicle very easily he designed. The typical application for SketchUp is to model something in 3D, setting up the perspective, exporting the image and use as an underlay for an illustration in Photoshop.

According to him SketchUp is a great crossover platform where he can model something and send the file to somebody where anybody ads something else to it and it sort of becomes thing that everybody adds to. On a final note Harald got into SketchUp the way most of us did is by modeling his own house.      

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Jersey's Edison Memorial Tower built by using SketchUp 3D models

Minecraft is a low-fi, 3D blocked game which allows you to scratch out the resources and turn them into constructive building blocks. Players uses different techniques to build amazing structures from bottom to top.
Mincraft has already its share of dedicated followers which now seems to include General Electric. In the recent episode of GE show, they used Minecraft to build New Jersey’s Edison Memorial Tower. The design seems very special and the fact behind this is the team used 3D SketchUp models & Photoshop blueprints to make it a perfect and as accurate as possible.

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Latest Artlantis 4 featuring iVisit 3D announced by Abvent

Abvent the maker of Artlantis has announced yesterday the new latest version called Artlantis-4. The new series has advanced features, fastest, stand-alone 3D rendering application and developed especially for designer & architects. Artlantis interface directly with many leading architectural CAD and BIM titles like SketchUpTM  Pro, ArchiCADTM, RevitTM, VectorworksTM and Arc+TM. It support many file format such as OBJ, DWF, DWG, DXF and FBX that allows it to smoothly interact with nearly all leading 3D CAD and BIM Software.   

Artlantis-4 is basically developed for design professionals such as architect, interior designer, Urban planner, Landscaper, etc. who want to create a very high quality rendering. The product is not only for rendering high resolution image but also offers an enhanced suit of tool to generate more dynamic rendering like iVisit 3D panormas, animation and many more. It is available in two main versions for now.  

New advanced features in Artlantis 4
iVisit 3D Panormas (Artlantis Studio only):
It enables you to create a realistic virtual tour inside your project with multi-node panoramas as well as it automatically creates everything required to view the panoramas. A special tool allows you to view and share the panoramas on an ipod or iphone. iVisit is available in two version- Lite & pro from Apple’ app store.
Quality improvements:
Artlantis 4 comes with new quality improvement feature such as Tone Correction which allows you to lighten the dark images or reverse. The new Frasnel Shader is added to library which is particularly suitable for metallic car bodies. Managing Trandsparent surface and variety of other edits is become easier in the new product.
Performance Improvements:
It is faster than all previous release and the average rendering two times faster. It is now optimized in 64-bit Mac and Windows for handling larger projects.
Productivity Improvements:
New Artlantis-4’s Horizontal material projection method simplifies working with complex roof surfaces and Batch rendering work can be recognized & filtered before the rendering are generated.
New Artlantis Media CDs:
The five new media volumes for Artlantis-4 are 3D Cars 2010(Europe), 3D Cars 2010(Asia), 3D Cars 2009 and 3D Cars 2008 also released. It contain theme collections of 3D objects & parametric textures available for download or on disc.

Artlantis-4 is now available for purchased through Abvent’s official from their international distributors.  

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Monday, October 17, 2011

ASGVIS Introduces New V-Ray for Google’s SketchUp, and readily available for MAC OS

ASGVIS has introduced new V-Ray for SketchUp providing new innovative visualization software package. This new photorealistic render product V-Ray is available for Mac OS for the first time. Previously it was only available for Windows operating System. Now it comes with new features, ambient occlusion, IES light and spotlight, more quickly parsing occasions etc. 3D designers like industrial designers, architect, and interior designer will use the new version to produce larger top quality photorealistic renderings even more rapidly.

ASGVIS was very keen on launching new release of V-Ray for Mac users and finally they have released their new package with new techniques.

News features with upgrades are:
More quickly Scene Processing Occasions
Assistance for SketchUp Transparency and Alpha Transparency
Much more Shader Sorts
Much more than ten new Procedural Textures, including Dirt
Lights now have the ability to add IES profiles
Material can now be layered far better

Addition wonderful V-Ray functions, which includes:
Sun and Sky method
Physical Camera 
Depth-Of-Area camera effects.
Distributed Rendering permitting a single image to be process over up to 10 machines
Per Material GI, Background, Reflection, and Refraction
V-Ray Two-Sided Materials for straightforward creation of thin translucency
Animation Assistance
Accurate reflections and refractions
Glossy reflections and refractions
Global Illumination permits for photorealistic lighting
Soft Shadows support
Accurate HDRI support
Totally multithreaded raytracing engine
Native SketchUp supplies supported and integrated into V-Ray Materials
Materials Editor with Materials Preview

ASGVIS has announced special availability from Dec 11-18th for only $ 599. Right after launch the item will revert to the typical suggested retail price at $ 799.  

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Maide Control iPad app allows you to build and view 3D models

Maide Control is an iPad apps by which you can connect your ipad to Google SketchUp or Rhino. This is a completely authenticated and secure connection. Anyone looking for hands on 3D controller that won’t require any five finger peripheral can check out Maiden Control. It’s a new apps that allows user to manipulate 3D CAD data from their iPad displays.

The apps without any wire sync an iPad with any compatible 3D program. It enables modelers to design & view their design using array of multi-touch gestures.
One can easily use the controller to showcase models on larger displays like company presentation or to connect multiple iPads to same render in case anyone working on a more collaborative projects. As of now the apps only supportive for Google SketchUp and Rhino on windows only and sooner it will available on Mac too.
Maiden Control iPad apps is available for $4.99 on iTunes.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

SketchUp Halloween Challenge 2011

Its Halloween week, Google SketchUp celebrates Halloween Challenge 2011 and on this occasion Google boulder office seems in a tizzy about their costumes.
This year they are hosting a SketchUp Halloween challenge for everyone looking for something to do in their spare time. The team has categorized in two parts. Use SketchUp to model either a
Haunted house or both

How to submit an entry
  1. Your model need to be uploaded to 3D warehouse & should be publicly downloadable.
  2. Must upload 2-10 images of your model to public photo sharing Picasaweb.
  3. Need to fill up the Challenge submission form with the links of both your model on 3D warehouse & your public online image album.
  4. Multiple entries will be valid but fill out a separate entry form for each entry.
28th Oct, Friday, a team of SketchUp will go for the review of all entries, looking for mostly images and model will be submitted. Then they gonna pick top three entries in each category.   
Rendering rules
Anyone can include photo rendered images of your models with the images you submit and one unrendered image is necessary.
Last Date
11:59 PM PST on 27th Oct 2011
For such kind competition they have made it a bit simple instead of some big prize, so they’ll be publishing the favorite entries on their official blog on 31st Oct and the best models from each category will be featured in the November edition of SketchUpdate newsletter.  

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chaos Group announce V-ray for Softimage public Beta testing program

The V-Ray for Softimage public Beta Testing program is announced by Chaos Group. It is the fifth product in a row from the Group. The new product will support all the major Softimage features like animated parameters, strong render tree support etc.

To get and access to the Beta program you need to register and fill the form with your contact information at the Chaos Group website. After that you will receive an email from the support team informing that you can download the V-Ray for Softimage public Beta.  

Anyone who is interested to join the V-Ray for Softimage public Beta needs to do few steps.

  • All Beta testers are encouraged to give feedback with their question submission. 
  • The program has its own forum on the Chaos Group official website, so everyone who is eligible and become the part of the program needs to share their opinion and exchange information with the other people from the industry. 
  • You can send your comment to 

During the V-Ray for Softimage public Beta program Chaos Group will aim to provide additional incentive to the active & devoted testers.

V-Ray supported features:-
Render Output
Effect Scene Translator

Softimage supported features:-
ICE support
Animated Parameters
Strong render tree support
V-Ray Sun and Sky

Supported Platforms are:-
Softimage 7.0
Softimage 7.5        
Softimage 2010        
Softimage 2011        
Softimage 2011 SAP        
Softimage 2012        
Softimage 2012 SAP
(Note:- 64 bit supported on all platform)        

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