Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Updates in Photorealistic rendering plugin - Shaderlight for Sketchup

Shaderlight V2.1 - New updates

Shaderlight is another interactive photorealistic rendering plugin for Sketchup available for both Windows and Mac. After continuous and consistent release of its advance version, Shaderlight V2.1 enables you to produce much higher quality images in no time. You have also control over how you render your 
sketchup modelswith the ability to animate to Sketchup scene. The Sketchup plugin Shaderlight free or Pro is very simple to use and doesn’t require immense knowledge of technology to get great result.

Sketchup shaderlight V2

Shaderlight V2.1 comes with even greater features runs with both Free and Pro versions of Sketchup 7 or 8. The numbers of features includes:
  • Interactive rendering
  • Simple interface
  • Replace Me 
  • Light fixture library - NEW in v2.1 
  • Refine your image
  • Real world effects
  • Accurate lighting
  • Photoreal finish
  • Scene animation
  • Presentation tools
  • Multi platform

Shaderlight Cloud Rendering Plugin for Sketchup

After releasing Shaderlight V2.1, “artVPS Limited” has launched it new innovation - Shaderlight Cloud Rendering that will completely revolutionize your Sketchup rendering. The new advanced Shaderlight Cloud Rendering powered by Limitiess Computing is the first and only Sketchup rendering plugin that can deliver high resolution images direct to your computer. It rules the technology of Cloud Computing. It has ability to produce highest quality of rendering quickly with most cost effecting workflow for anyone using Sketchup. 

The Sketchup users will get the expertise to maintain high quality and huge time saving by concurrently producing high resolution real time renderings of sketchup animations equal to 30x faster, and scenes equal to 5x faster (in comparison with 4-core workstations). The shaderlight cloud rendering plug-in applies high performance computer to render on the cloud and at the same time enhance productivity by creating model in Sketchup.

It enables SketchUp users to render high resolution, photorealistic Shaderlight visualizations in record time - without tying up your desktop or requiring investment in costly new hardware. Just install the Shaderlight Cloud Rendering plug-in and subsequently present your Shaderlight-ready Google SketchUp scene or animation to the Shaderlight Cloud.

The plugin has been launched in the month of June and now available at price of $9.99. A cost for each job will be provided to the user prior to the job commencing. For more information about Shaderlight Cloud rendering, just register yourself here

Skelion - A Plugin for Energy Design

Skelion is new plugin for energy design work finely with Google Sketchup 8. It is remarkably good plugin for the solar Photovoltaic designer, Thermal engineer, engineers, architects & other sketchup user who are tired of drawing thousand of solar models every time. The solar PV designers have lot of scope to design their solar photovoltaic systems with new Skelion sketchup plugin in a faster and more efficient way. The use of plugin can result good looking professional presentations with a simple few clicks. Designing your model using this plugin can save your important time.

The new listed Sketchup plugin - Skelion has few basic features in it’s free version but paid version comes with greater and advance characteristics. One can improve the quality of proposals including 3D models of the solar installation, export report automatically, makes professionals presentation looks amazing. Additionally, PV Modules data base use, adding your own model, control the shading angles for any hour of the year and can load current location from Google earth.   

The free version of sketchup skelion can be downloaded by 
clicking here and the Pro version can cost 133$. For more information about buying, you can visit -

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A New Ruby Sketchup Plugin - Keyframe Animation

In Trimble Sketchup plugin list, a new ruby plugin has been added which runs on both Windows and Mac smoothly. The plugin comes with version – one is for free and other is for paid i.e. – pro. The newly animation plugin allow users to quickly ad movements to any numbers of objects in your models. Now creating an animation is as simple as placing the objects where you want it to be on each scene. It moves along straight line, rotate about and moving camera is so simple too. The animation created by you can be exported to a movie directly from Sketchup is best part of this plugin.

Loxodrome keyframe sketchup Plugin

Sierpinski Tetrahedron keyframe animation

By using simple Sketchup scenes, Keyframe Animation works which act as key frames. It very simple to put each object where you want them to be and simply clicking the record button will record their position on each scene. Now when a scene is selected, the objects move according to the recorded positions and if you run Sketchup animation utility, it will not only does the camera move but now the objects will move during the animation too as if by magic.

The overview of main feature of Sketchup plugin Keyframe Animation can be observed that includes:

  • Interpolate Translations
  • Interpolate Rotations
  • Animate Subgroups/Subcomponents
  • Assign Key Frame Transition Times
  • Add Pauses between Key Frames
  • Insert/Reorder Key Frames
  • Animate Visibility by Layers
  • Animate Visibility by Layers
One can go through the Demos of animation that were made with this plugin. The developer of the plugin has shown simple and complex examples as well for the Demos in their official Keyframe Animation demo page. They have made few video tutorials to watch & understand prior to quick start.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Character modeling Sketchup Plugin - Artisan Organic Toolset

Artisan is a character modeling plugin that works with Sketchup 7 and above for both windows and Mac. It includes the large set of organic modeling tools which possess subdivision surfaces, mesh sculpting and soft selection.

Artisan Organic Toolset

More features include:
Subdivision Surfaces
- Robust subdivision algorithm that can handle very complex geometry
- Subdivide and smooth selected faces, groups, or components
- Crease edges or vertices to create hard edges
- Knife subdivide tool for creating loops
- Extrude tool to create loops without interior faces
- Low-poly ‘Proxy Mode’ that automatically updates the subsurface geometry as you edit
New Subdivision Features in Artisan
- Perform subdivision or smoothing on any selection of faces
- Auto-subdivision of selection boundary faces those results in cleaner meshes after subdividing
- Quickly preview subsurface geometry prior to committing
- Proper interpolation of UVs for subdivided geometry
- Faster subdivision and better topology
Brush Tools
-Sculpt Brush (sculpt, pinch, flatten, inflate, smooth)
-Select Brush (select faces by performing strokes)
-Paint Brush (paint SketchUp materials on faces using virtual brushstrokes)
-Symmetrical sculpting mode using with user-defined work plane
-Lock vertices to user-defined work plane
Vertex Transformation Tools
-Soft Selection
-Soft Move
-Soft Rotate
-Make Planar (XY, XZ, YZ, or best fit)
Mesh Optimization (Polygon Reduction) 
-Much faster and more robust than the free Polyreducer plugin

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sketchup plugin EditInPlace from the maker of SU Podium

EditInPlace is a another SKetchup plugin from the maker of SU Podium that allows you to modify components and group in separate instance of Sketchup. The new sketchup plugin EditInPlace overcomes the major limitations of Sketchup which is clipping plane that prevents you from effectively editing small components in large models. This one saves time a lot for all SU Podium users who has to add properties to materials which is really difficult to get in larger models.

EditInPlace works in both – Windows and Mac computer, easy to install, upgrade & uninstall. The only difference is interface between both of them. Anyone can try its trial version for free. Paid version are also there with some more advanced features. EditInPlace plugin is free for SU Podium V2 users and already included in SU Animate V4. It is available for Google Trimble Sketchup 7 and 8.

The paid version will be available at only $25. For more purchasing details Click here

Thursday, June 21, 2012

ArielVision - a new photorealistic rendering Sketchup Plugin for your model

ArielVision is a photorealistic rendering Sketchup Plugin for your model. The new plugin is free to download for trial version but the paid version is also available at very affordable low-cost price. ArielVision is very powerful advanced rendering engine, but with a refined interface that focuses on just the essentials. The new plugin is for designers who want to create & develop beautifully rendering images without the hassle of complex settings. It has all the feature that a rendering plugin should possess which are:
  • Fully Integrated inside Google SketchUp 7 or 8, Free or Pro, (Windows only)
  • Uses SketchUp Material and textures automatically.
  • Top Quality PhotoRealistic Rendering Engine.
  • Indirect Lighting for subtle, realistic shadows.
  • Auto Bump Mapping for SketchUp Textures.
  • High Quality Reflections – mirror-like, or blurry.
  • Refraction for thick glass and transparent objects.

A splendid rendering can be created easily at the of designing 3D. ArielVision is lot more easier to learn to Render comparing to learn Sketchup. It uses Sun, Sky, Shadow, Light, Transparency and reflections to create Photorealistic renderings from SketchUp models at an affordable price.

ArielVision Sketchup plugin uses a simple dialog to set properties on Sketchup material such as reflections and also has Wizard to create many common lights. It produces the perfect combination of high quality rendering though being exceptionally easy to use.

At first one needs to download a copy from its official Download resource. Initially trial version can be downloaded & install it in your computer. Once it is installed, it is very simple to use. You can report any problem on its official forum ArielVision Forum.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sketchup Plugin Caravaggio for you Sketchup Models

CaravaggioTM has developed two products for both windows & Mac users are:-

Caravaggio™ RENDER
Caravaggio™ STUDIO

Both of the plugins are most advanced unbiased physically correct rendering methods based on Heuristic Bidirectional Path Tracing engine. It has ability to simulate the physics of light and achieves photo-realistic quality of renderings reducing time through bouncing errors collection. Caravaggio is developed to be integrate into Sketchup and also extremely fast and possess all the setting of Sketchup i.e. geometry, camera, sun, colors, texture etc. Each plugin comes with greater scope of technicality gives you productive output for your model.

Caravaggio™ RENDER
This plugin is designed to gain rendering without the user having to resort to particular settings. The tool is very much simpler & handy. It an ideal software to obtain an immediate result without getting engaged in the complexity of adjustment allowing you to achieve really outputs without very realistic output.

Caravaggio™ STUDIO
It is another most advance product of CaravaggioTM dedicated to the user who very is keen about image quality. It is capable to integrate with modeling software that will host and at the same time makes a real studio for digital images. It has got few parameters and function to give it a feel of real development environment. The plguin is exceptionally fast & precise tool allowing you to adjust all the parameters needed to optimize rendering resulting desired output.

Monday, June 18, 2012

New gModeller plugin for SketchUp

gModeller is only gbXML, an impressive innovative Google Sketchup plug-in. The new sketchup plugin is an energy analysis plugin developed from GreenspaceLive. It is based on the gbXML standard for designing resource efficient building compatible with most energy and modeling systems. gModeller enables building architect/designer to create and decorate 3D Sketchup building models with gbXML surfaces and openings to identify and label gbXML spaces. It simplifies the process of doing accurate energy analysis. It is only sketchup plugin which enables designers to import and export a gbXML file provide the flexibility to work across different programs saving your time & effort. Once you imported the files into Google Sketchup, a texture can be applied easily to the model using gModeller plugin.

Models can quickly exported to gEnergyEPC, GreenBuildingStudio and other tools for energy analysis and certification using gModeller and it also gives degree of interoperability with your existing modeling and/or energy analysis software by removing file format as a barrier.

Models can be instantly compatible with most energy and modeling systems
Compatible with the gbXML modeling tools
Easy import and Export gbXML files
Store, share and backup your model

By using gModeller you enable static and custom surface and opening names which enables you to have one geometric model and one load model throughout the design process, allowing ease of use and a solution to this problem. That is why Google SketchUp becomes an intelligent solution for low carbon building design.

For more Sketchup plugin, please visit:

Is SketchUp architectural design by 4 year old young possible?

From the source of Anthony Rigg, an Architect by profession & a father of a four year old son has shared his experience. He is been really amazed to see his junior made a simple 6 block mansion. He knew that his son likes playing with blocks. So he thought to show Sketchup tools and tried to familiarize things for him. He didn't expect much at that time from him that he would be able to figure out these 3D modeling concept in his mind.

It was very surprising for Anthony to see his son after half an hour later that he actually could design a small mansion with little playing blocks. Jed loved it to do, he said. He also added, “I think it is incredible what the unadulterated minds of children can produce.”

Google Sketchup makes design so easy that even a 4 year child can do it. Preferring it as a tool that breaks the barriers making architecture inaccessible hat lets creativity trump technique. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

New Sketchup component-Super Modellers models

Google warehouse has enourmous collections of Sketchup models. It store all the models been already created & being created by designer & developers interersted in sketchup and 3D modeling architecture. is one also one of great restorer of most popular 2D & 3D-models. you can go through the some of the popular geo modellers from new SketchUp Components 3D Warehouse - Super Modellers. It been developed by some extraordinary members of geo-modellers community.

One can get some of the popular models based on rating and review by users. The Super Modellers collection includes models from very renowned architecture to small designs too i.e. Liberty Island from America, The Efile tower from Paris, Tajmahal from India to models of small maison and Telephone Kiosk model.