Monday, June 27, 2011

iCUBE release VRayPattern plugin for 3ds Max

iCUBE unveils the availability of V-ray pattern plug-in.

This plugin is compatible with 3ds Max versions: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, all 32 or 64 bit and V-Ray 1.5 (SP2 and higher), V-Ray 2 - 32 or 64 bit. This plug-in is very useful for curving geometry of any surface. The plug-in occasionally develop geometry exclusive of extra memory consumption. The users can easily generate fields and landscapes covered with grass and trees.

The plug-in performs like a displacement map. To cover the surface of geometry, the displacement map utilizes raster or vector maps of pattern. VRayPattern can employ any of the original geometry for proliferation.

Systems requirements
V-Ray versions: OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, all 32 and 64 bit
User should have local administrator rights with Windows XP to make use of VRayPattern. On Windows 7 administrator rights required only through installation. Run the VRayPattern.exe with the administrator rights for installation of the programme. Before starting the installation process the users should quit 3ds Max.
Click the following link for installation

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Luxology® LLC unveils the release of the Studio Environment Set 2 (SES 2) Kit

Luxology® LLC unveils the release of the Studio Environment Set 2 (SES 2) Kit, a set of 50 high dynamic range (HDR) spherical images specially designed for professional-quality lighting & visualization of small to medium sized objects. Yazan Malkosh of 9b studios has produced the wide-ranging library of images included in SES 2 kit for Luxology.

SES 2 kit provides the ability to render an animation and perceive all 50 environments with zero setup time takes all of the guess work out of studio lighting.

SES 2 kit is well suited for Architects, artists, industrial designers, engineers, packaging specialists and CAD visualization professionals. They will be able to select pre-built SES 2 studio and interior lighting setups without generating traditional lighting setups for each project.

The SES 2 Kit is obtainable right away for both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems for a suggested retail price of USD $69.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

An exclusive seminar for energy modeling issues

The Seattle Energy & Design Roundtable meeting is scheduled to be held on 20th June, 2011. Nathan Kegel from IES will present an overview of IES softwares (VE-Gaia, VE-Pro) for energy modeling as well as advanced daylight modeling, occupant comfort, thermal analysis, envelope studies, demand controlled ventilation, a wide variety of high performance HVAC systems, computational fluid dynamics.

Dan Munn and Matt Glassman from DLR Group will also demonstrate their work utilizing IES VE for early phase design and highlight training programs used at DLR to help architects reach the Architecture 2030 goals.

Venue :-

Date: June 20th, 2011
Time: 11.30am – 1pm
Location: US Bank Center Building1420 Fifth Ave, 4th floor conference room, Seattle, Washington
Hosted by: Seattle Energy & Design Roundtable
Cost: FREE
Contact Person : Kendra Milton
Email :
Phone : +1 617 426 1890

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Thea Render Plug-in for Sketchup

This plugin is developed by Tomasz Marek and connects Google’s SketchUp modeler with Thea Render as external rendering application.

The sketchup users can export sketchup models with the help of Thea Exporter. This plug facilitates users to apply Thea properties to the SU materials, scenes and components and render the model in Thea. The exported model is being saved in XML file and in an additional sub-folder containing associated files – textures, meshes and lights.

Thea Render is the first commercial solution with unified framework that includes both state-of-the-art biased and unbiased engines. All render engines employ the same materials and lights not including any hidden obstacle between using one or the other. There is no need to transfer materials or parameters from an unbiased renderer to a biased one (and vice versa).

The sketchup users can render high quality biased animations quickly. They can also render amazingly realistic unbiased animations and quick high quality stills.

  • Hybrid Engine (Biased+Unbiased
  • Breakthrough Material System
  • Accurate Light Simulation
  • Physically-based Rendering
  • Superb Performance
  • Standalone Studio
  • Product Visualization
  • Instant Unbiased Relight
  • Image-based Lighting
  • Displacement Mapping
  • Motion Blur
  • Depth of Field
  • Sub-Surface Scattering

An introductory tutorial on SketchUp plugin for Thea Render

User Manual

Downloadable link

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

GeoSketch Parametric Rooftop Tools for sketchup

Cogent3D, Inc recently announced the availability of two unique products for Google SketchUp which include a FREE parametric generation Rooftop plug-in with plane cut tool and a 3D photo modeler TacForge™ GeoSketch™ Version 2.2.

GeoSketch Version 2.2 would bring some exclusive advantages for sketchup users :-

Now sketchup users can create 3D models with Video/Oblique imagery/Handheld and Cell Phone Imagery/Satellite Imagery/Imagery with and without camera models.

Ability to create hip, pitched, and other roof types with overhangs and the base building structure.

Instantly create 3D models alongwith parallel slicing, clipped surface cutting, and much more.

The sketchup users can enhance the modeling process with the help of a custom inference engine to Sketchup

A number of a CAD and Open Format support to export the 3-D models built inside Google SketchUp.

The sketchup users will be able to write OpenFlight compliant 3-D models directly without performing a conversion process with another tool. OpenFlight can include SMC/FID and multiple LODS.

Now the sketchup users can directly publish to the internal format of Microsoft Flight Simulator and LMCO Prepar3D for flight game and serious gaming applications.

The sketchup users will get the ability to export correlated Google Earth KML Collada 3-D, Gaming, and OpenFlight directly from Google SketchUp to ensure 3-D model correlation between all their applications.

Downloadable link

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