Friday, September 17, 2010

4D or 5D animation of building process with OnTime5D plugin

This is free plugin for sketchup that reproduce the construction procedure with 4D construction simulation. This plugin connect sketchup 3D models with construction scheduling and generate a 4D or 5D animation of the building process. The plugin can also animate construction cost throughout the building process.

The project managers are able to produce building schedules. The plugin supports 3 types of connections: FS (Finish-Start), SS (Start-Start) and FF (Finish-Finish) with an option to lag to each connection.

OnTime5D plugin is compatible with the newly released Sketchup 8

video tutorial

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

i.materialise Sketchup 3D Plugin

The i.materialize company, renowned name in 3D printing service, just launched i.materialise Sketchup 3D Plugin. The plug-in can only be used with Windows version only. This plugin provides an easy way to transfer 3D sketchup models to object printing process. The users can customize, scale and order a 3D print and in color conserving all textures immediately from software program’s interface.

The plugin is very much useful for architect to create scaled or actual architectural models(scale models of a new house or redecorated interior models) and review their designs.

The i.materialise SketchUp plugin is freely downloadable. The monochrome or full colorized printed models are priced at €300/$350 and sized at 150 mm by 230 mm by 140 mm high (about 6 x 9 x 5.5 inches high)

Downloadable link

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Review of

Intro: is a web site outsourcing services regarding the 3D software of Google named Sketchup. In this web site, there are various Sketchup models, articles, magazine, software, news, components and list of the services.

When it comes to look, really appears good. The title tag displaying on the top of the website, helps the visitor to know what web site they are viewing. With the opening of the web site, you can see a slide show of various Sketchup models of kitchen, library, dining set and modern way home. In the top menu, you will get About Us, Advertising and FAQs. In the About Us page, one can know about the organization. In the FAQs section, there are some frequently asked question about Sketchup and 3D modeling. On the right side, there are buttons for media kit, magazine, software and product. Clicking on the magazine button, you can access the monthly magazine ‘Sketchup ur Space’. If you want to read the magazine, a new window will be open containing the flash ezine.

On the main menu, there are page title and the sub title like Home, Download, Services, Models, Articles, Contact, Video, Blog, Jobs, Help and News. You can download 3D components like furniture, car, plans, landscape architect and many more; plugins like Photorealistic Rendering, Building Performance Analysis, Viewer Capability, Productivity Enhancement, workflow Enhancement and Google Sketchup Pro 8. the Service button includes 3D Modeling, Architectural design, 3D Construction design, Interior design, Landscape Architecture, Film & Stage visualizing, GIS sketching, Mechanical Design, BIM Modeling with Google SketchUp and SketchUp for furniture design. The Model button shows you a gallery of various Sketchup models of their in-house production. The Article button exports you to the land of galore of articles. If you have any queries about the product and service of, then you can go to the Contact page where you can get the phone number and e-mail id.

There are many useful videos which will definitely help the Sketchup artist in the Video gallery. The Blog will take you to the in house blog on Sketchup. The Job and Help desk serve their purpose successfully. The News button shows you all the updated news on Sketchup.

There is a section for SketchUp Components 3D Warehouse where you can find various Sketchup models of furniture, cars, plants, architecture, plants, door, people, windows, kitchen, garden, stairs and many more things. On the almost every web page there are links for Sketchup components, Sketchup Plugins, Sketchup Podium, Sketchup Models etc.

Overall the usability of the web site is good. The color of is soothing for the eyes. The design of the site is quite impressive for the visitors. You can easily read the well written content in clear font. All the links work properly for users’ convenience. When browsers visit the site first time, he can easily understand the purpose of the web site. The loading time of 5.14 seconds is good enough for a site containing a good number of images and videos. This frequently updated web site gets a good search engine ranking. The navigation, active hyperlink, well contained FAQs and site map help the visitor to browse the site. That’s why, you can say that the web site is successfully satisfied the purpose of the web master.

Conclusion: In a nut shell, you can say that is a wonderful web site give perfect service and assistance to the architects all over the world. So we can say that it is doing justice with its name.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

IRender nXt Version 3.0

The most updated and advanced version of IRender plug-in namely IRender nXt Version 3.0 has been launched with newly added features like Plant and Materials libraries and an improved Material Wizard.

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Latest version of VRAY FOR SKETCHUP 1.48.91 has been released. The users can install it on windows 7 and it is well compatible with both sketchup pro.7 & sketchup pro.8. The sketchup users will be able to visualize their models with the supreme quality and realism.

Downloadable link

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Friday, September 10, 2010

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Sketchup Sandbox

Sand box refers to a collection of tool palettes for modeling terrains and other organic shapes. The sketchup users can utilize these tools to produce and control large surfaces (TINs - A surface consist of triangles derived from irregularly spaced points) with imported topographical data or contour sections.

The sand box tools contain Sandbox From Scratch Tool (to generate a flat triangulated TIN to be shaped into other forms applying other sandbox tools), Sandbox From Contours Tool (to produce a TIN from contour lines), Smoove Tool (to form an accessible TIN with the help of vertical movement of a selection of points, edges, or faces and their immediately adjacent geometry.), Stamp Tool (to create ideas in a TIN through pushing a copy of the base of geometry), Drape Tool(to project edges, such as a road to be defined on a flat surface and then adhered onto a rough terrain.), Flip Edge Tool (to physically fine-tune the triangulation for any pair of adjacent triangles in a TIN)

To enable the Sandbox tools, utilize the Extension Manager:
Open the "Window" menu (for Mac user choose "SketchUp" menu), and then click "Preferences."
In the left pane, click "Extensions."
In the right pane, click "Sandbox Tools."

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It is a brush-based 3D digital sculpting and texture painting application software.
The software is ideal for digital sculptors, modelers and texture artists to produce & render complex details with in-built basic sculpt templates. The software also controls digital surfaces in an organic manner.

Mudbox 2011 comes with some new and advanced features like Vector Displacement, Posing Toolkits, New Paint brushes & tools, new Render options, Texture baking etc.

The users can exchange data and transfer models & scenes information from Mudbox 2011 to other 3D applications like 3DS Max 2011, Maya 2011. The users can also exchange multi layer PSD with Adobe Photoshop software.

It is paid software for $129.95.

System requirements :-
Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor
Microsoft® Windows® XP with Service Pack 3; Windows Vista® Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise with Service Pack 1 (Service Pack 2 recommended); or Windows 7
1GB of RAM

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Luxology introduces MODO KITS

Luxology recently launched modo kits with which the modo users will get the ability to quickly combine Preset objects, materials, and environments with their own personal projects.

New Modo kits contain HDRE Moofe Kit, HDRE Urban Kit, HDRE Landscape Kit, Studio Lighting &Illumination Kit, Product Design Presets and Splash Kit.

The modo kits generate image-based lighting. The Modo users can provide subtle and realistic lighting to their models. The users can easily place models into urban settings for realistic rendering.


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Solve your queries for Sketchup 8 with Google sketchup Team

Google just released Sketchup 8, the most updated version of sketchup 3D modeling software. But with this new release Google has to face several questions regarding the updates. In order to handle the situation Google has arranged an online communicating module alongwith Google SketchUp Questions and Ideas moderator series.

The sketchup users can submit questions, exchange ideas regarding the new release and intend participating with the communicating.


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Enhance your rendering capabilities with RENDER(IN)

SB2 launched Render(IN), a rendering plug-in compatible with Sketchup free and Pro version. This real time, fully incorporated, radiosity engine creates a high definition and real time rendering with no size limitation.

The plug-in generates a photo-realistic project environment by providing artificial light sources(point lights, spotlights), 3D sky, four types of clouds, addition textures settings with specular reflection, shininess, and auto-bump for materials.

The sketchup users can use this plug-in keeping the sketchup settings intact with geometry, camera, sun, colors, textures, etc.

During the beta phase, Render[in] can be downloaded freely
Downloadable link

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Google released Sketchup 8

Google just launched a new updated version of it's most intuitive 3D modeling software, Sketchup 8. The new version contains some new improvements with powerful features and applications suitable for design, engineering professionals, Google Earth modelers, graphics professionals, amateur and professional 3D artists.

The software is available in five different languages like English, French, Spanish, Italian or German.

Though SketchUp 8 is a free version but there is also a professional version SketchUp Pro 8 that will cost $495 or as a $95 upgrade if the user has a pro version already in possession.

The professional version comes with a new set of Solid addition and subtraction tools for advanced users that will facilitate engineering professionals to execute modeling operations like Union, Intersect, Subtract, Trim, and Split to generate new 3D forms along with multiple geometric shapes.

The Pro version also contains a companion tool for executing angular dimensions in LayOut 3 and transfering 3D models into scalable 2D drafting presentations . Now the user can export and import LayOut 3 drawins to DWG/DXF formats.

Now Google Maps built right into the software to integrate model geo-location with Google Maps.
SketchUp 8 and SketchUp 8 Pro are available for for Mac OS X and Windows.