Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Geometric introduces eDrawings Professional for Solid Edge version 8.0

Geometric Limited, a trusted name for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) & Offshore Product Development (OPD) solutions, just unveils eDrawings Professional for Solid Edge version 8.0 giving support for Solid Edge ST3 and eDrawings 2011.

eDrawings is considered as first email facilitated collaboration tool utilized for sharing and understanding of 2D and 3D product design data.

The newly launched version contains the following exclusive features :-
  • Support for Solid Edge ST3
  • Stamp feature is improved along with extra support for PNG and TIFF file format
  • eDrawings viewer version has been advanced to eDrawings 2011
  • Triad to Move/Constrain component movement to a coordinate axis or plane, or to rotate components about a coordinate axis
  • Look for or Filter component names from the components tree

System requirement
Solid Edge V19, V20, ST, ST2 & Solid Edge ST3

For a free 15-day trial, please visit

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bring Your Architecture to Life Contest Winner Announces

After a long period of suspension, SketchUp and iClone Rendering has announced the winner of ‘Bring Your Architecture to Life’ contest. The contest opened to receive the entries at 1st November, 2010 and closed at 5th January, 2011. There were two categories in the contest one is for video entry and the other section is for image entry. With an overflowing of entries from various part of the world, it was quite impossible to decide which entry should get the top place as each and every one maintain the certain standard. After many speculations Seaside Villa by Stuckon3d got the first prize in video entry and Van Gogh’s Bedroom at Arles, Remix of Kurzal snatched the top position among the all other image entries.

The Wayfarer Inn of Small Wonder Studio and Summer Hideaway of Wolfzone got the second and third place consequently. The popular award went to Jack Godomski for his beautiful creation of Neuschwanste. In the image entry division Ancient Ruins of Maciej Przystalski beat Water House of Dave Haden which came third in the contest.

The submission of this contest had to meet some guideline like one video clip in YouTube with before and after iClone rendering with 30% material effects, 20% landscape and flora, 30% lighting and shadow and 20% camera animation. The Seaside Villa was made by veteran iClone trainer Stuckon3d not only met all the requirements but also the subtle details and overall mood made this video the top choice of the judges. All the efforts of Stuckon3d has made it the owner of Apple iPad 32 GB, iClone 4 PRO, 3DXchange 4 PRO, iClone Nature Builder, Google SketchUp PRO 8, LoungeTek Laptop desk, SketchUCation B'Ball Cap, SketchUcation USB Wallet Card. The first position holder in image catgory Kurzul also get Panasonic Lumix 12.1 Digital Camera, iClone 4 PRO, 3DXchange 4 PRO, iClone Nature Builder, Google SketchUp PRO 8, LoungeTek Laptop desk, SketchUCation B'Ball Cap, SketchUcation USB Wallet Card.

Friday, March 4, 2011

IMSI/Design releases new Renditioner Pro v2

IMSI/Design, the pioneer company in selling award winning cad software, just launches Renditioner Pro v2. It is an updated rendering and lighting control plug-in for Google™ SketchUp™ and SketchUp Pro. The new version has been totally revised and based on the same principles as IDX Renditioner.

Renditioner Pro v2 contains some high standard features. SketchUp model can be loaded mechanically into the Renditioner Pro program and the sketchup users will be able to arrange the model for rendering with spontaneous drag and drop, lighting, material, camera and environment controls.

Renditioner Pro v2 supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and is well-matched with SketchUp and SketchUp Pro v7 and v8. A Macintosh version is expected to come soon in April. Price is US $199.99 and is downloadable from the IMSI website at

The new version contains some advanced features which are given below:-

  • Sub-image renderingul
  • High Performance Cameras and Lighting with High Dynamic Range
  • Flexible Image Control and Progressive Rendering
  • Extensive Libraries of Content
  • Drag-and-Drop attributes
  • Alpha texture transparency
  • Snapshots
  • Print from screen
  • Materials, finishes, and bump maps
  • Backgrounds
  • Predefined, weather-based lighting schemes
  • Shadow catcher
  • Drag, orbit, and walk tools (real-time navigation)
  • Predefined and custom aspect ratios
  • Twist lighting controls
  • Standard views
  • Turntable animation
  • Layout settings
  • Easy User Interface with inclusion of exclusive Tutorials
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    Thursday, March 3, 2011

    New Features Of Google Sketchup 8

    Sketchup is a 3D modeling software owned by Google. This 3D software is used by professionals from all walks of life. Generally it is used for placing 3D models in Google Earth.

    Sketchup Warehouse enables users to view & download various forms of 3D models. Till date, eight versions of sketchup have released. The latest version Sketchup 8 was launched on Sept. 1’2010. The important Sketchup 8 features are:-

    • Geo-localization of models in sketchup:- The latest sketchup has Google Map built in it. If we create or download any 3D model from sketchup, then we can easily geo-localize it by this sketchup 8.
    • Coloured & 3D view of the terrains of the geo locations:- In google map, we generally see non coloured & one dimensional view of the geolocation of any product. But for the first time, in sketchup 8, we can view the land relief of the geolocation of our model coloured & in 3D.
    • The Building Maker:- The heading tells that this sketchup has building making feature. We can add buildings to google map by this feature. Its very efficient. We can use this feature to create buildings from our models.

    Five years have passed since Google has acquired Sketchup from the company @Last Software. Since then, they are periodically updating their software. The latest update was the “SpaceNavigator (a computer mouse which supports 3D software)” support.

    Also this sketchup version has a plugin which supports 3D animation.

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    Tuesday, March 1, 2011

    Sketchup ur Space has completed six months

    The Coverpage of Sketchup ur Space

    The one and only SketchUp magazine Sketchup ur Space is celebrating its six month anniversary with the February release of the magazine. After its first release in September 2010, this flash really achieves a great height in just few days. From a 14 pages magazine, the February issue of Sketchup ur Space has now 52 pages which is quite a great achievement for it. It has become a great platform for SketchUp service providers and Plugin developers all over the world. With a huge number of subscriptions, a large number of followers in Twitter and Facebook, Sketchup ur Space has come a long way. But this is only the beginning. It has more cards in its hand for future.

    The Huge List of Contents of the SketchUp magazine

    The February version of Sketchup ur Space specially deals with SketchUp 8. In September, Google launched the 8th version of SketchUp. In the magazine you will find various information, updates and added features of SketchUp 8. There are three articles on SketchUp style, photo editing and landscape designing by various eminent SketchUp artist like James Hanningan and Hussain Fadlallah. In the blog section apart from the general blog post about 3D printing, there are extracts from the Jim Leggitt plug in blog. Various updates on SketchUp industry are available at News Room. There are also the Tips and Tricks and Top Up articles in the magazine.

    The design and concept of the magazine is quite attractive. From the links of the magazine you can reach various other pages instantly. From this magazine the reader will get all the information about SketchUp and its plug ins from one place.