Thursday, May 31, 2018

2018 Skalp for SketchUp

Skalp team has launched 2018 Skalp for SketchUp. This newest sketchup plugin is compatible with only sketchup 2018.

Skalp is an impulsive and robust Live Section Tool that can be used to generate stunning plans and elevations within SketchUp.

Skalp will enhance the capacity of the users for making excellent drawings.

Given below, some exclusive features of the plugin :-

Skalp Sections
Automatic hatch patterned cross sections.
Get updates in real time, all model changes are monitored promptly.
Apply styles to remap the look in individual scene.
Entirely supports nested groups and components.
Provide support to different types of drawing scales in a single model.

Skalp Styles
The equivalent section is demonstrated in several ways.
Each Scene can get its own cross section style.
Intuitional and robust mapping queries.
Allocated with layer, material, hatching or tagging.
Patterns are adjusted according to the drawing scale.

Skalp Pattern Designer
Produce nice tileable Pattern textures for your Skalp Sections.
Texturize any model in a new inventive way.
Import a zillion standard CAD patterns.
Create your own from the ground up.
Supports scales, transparency, colors & line widths.

Skalp Export
Ability to export to SketchUp Pro's LayOut. Constant updates of Skalp sections in all scenes.
Export to DXF comprises real CAD hatch patterns.
Batch export of scenes to DXF.
14-day FREE TRIAL license
A 14-day FREE TRIAL license can be activated once Skalp is installed.
For more information, visit

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Quick tips to use extrude tools sketchup plugin

This sketchup video demonstrates the functionality of an exclusive sketchup plugin called extrude tools. Get some useful tips on how to use this plugin efficiently.
This plugin combines diversified toolset which can be used for Extruding Edges into meshes etc.
The plugin is now compatible with sketchup 2018.
The most vital point about Extrude Tools is that it facilitates the users to extrude lines, in spite of faces.
To download this plugin, click on the following link
Go through the following sketchup video tutorial to learn the tips to improve your modeling skills with extrude tools.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

LayerScene is the newest member in extension warehouse

LayerScene is the newest sketchup extension that is compatible with SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017, SketchUp 2018. This sketchup extension is developed by Rafael Rivera.

The extension can be used to automatically generate scenes providing the names for every layer in your model as well as conceal entities on the basis of what layer they are situated.

The most crucial point is that the entities which pertain to a particular layer will only be viewed in the scene that is equal to that layer's name.

This sketchup plugin is available in extension warehouse

LayerScene is the newest member in extension warehouse

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Friday, May 25, 2018

Demo of component finder, a new sketchup extension

This exclusive sketchup video tutorial provides the demonstration of a new sketchup extension called Component Finder. This extension can simplify the process to view and import components inside sketchup.
The tutorial video focuses on the following topics :- How to set up Component Finder, Navigate 3D Models, Add a component, Save a component, Rename a component, Update a component.
The extension contains the following exclusive features :-
Quickly filter through your local Sketchup components library, and find the components you need. Just a click away, all within Sketchup.
Enhanced Browsing: Now, it is possible to view all the components in a folder, it's sub-folders as well as in their sub-folders all in one view.
View your components in each tab in best possible manner
Flat View: Avail the components in the present folder and in all of it's sub-folders, and their sub-folders... (5 levels deep).
Nav View: The recognizable browsing view of folders and components. It is ideal for navigating and focusing on a specific folder.
Powerful Search: Type in with your search term, and ComponentFinder will filter through all of your tabs and the components in them unless you get your desired result.
Zoom In / Out: View bigger or smaller component thumbnails.
Save Components: After arranging some components into a model, if any modifications take place, one can save them right back into any open tab.
To get more information, go through the following link
Open multiple tabs at once: Choose numerous folders from your local library and include them simultaneously as separate tabs in ComponentFinder.
FlexTools Integration: ComponentFinder operates on top of the FlexTools platform. Same toolbar. Same settings location. Automatic updates when available.
Watch the following video for live demonstration.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

ColorHex – The newest sketchup extension

Rafael Rivera has developed ColorHex, an exclusive sketchup extension available in extension warehouse.

This sketchup extension is well matched with SketchUp 2017, SketchUp 2018 as well as windows platform.

The plugin can be used to paint any sketchup models based on #Hex color values by applying a series of toolset.

Brief description of tools:

Hex Brush Tool: The Hex Brush Tool paint faces through #hex color values. The users will be able to click & drag the mouse to incessantly arrange paint to the SketchUp model.

Hex Sample Tool: The Hex Sample Tool will opt for the color value of face entity to paint with.

Hex Input Tool: The Hex Input Tool facilitates the users to put in a #hex color value to paint.

Hex Magic Wand Tool: The Magic Wand Tool picks connected faces with the equivalent color.

The plugin can be downloaded from extension warehouse

ColorHex – The newest sketchup extension

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Saturday, May 19, 2018

AutoDesSys’s formZ is now integrated with V-ray rendering technology

AutoDesSys’s formZ is now compatible with V-Ray for formZ. With the integration of Chaos Group’s Academy Award-winning V-Ray rendering technology, the formZ users will be able to produce rapid and solid designs with avant-garde visualization in a single solution.

V-Ray for formZ now facilitates the legendary pro modeling program to appply the industry-leading rendering visualization.

V-Ray for formZ offers the following exclusive features:

• Robust hybrid rendering — The rendering can be performed on Nvidia CUDA GPUs, CPUs or a composition of both.
• Material library — There are more than 550 realistic, physical-based materials like glass, coated plastics, metals, wood, stone, concrete, etc.
• V-Ray grass and fur — Now realistic grass, fabrics and carpet can be produced with V-Ray Fur.
• Denosier — By applying v-Ray denoising technology, it is possible to automatically remove noise and curtail render times by up to 50 percent.
• Aerial perspective — Include realistic environment and depth to you renders with V-Ray’s new Aerial perspective controls.

• Virtual Reality — Check designs at 1:1 scale in most recognized VR headsets like Google Cardboard, and Samsung VR.
• Cutaways and Clipper — Render sections and cutaways smoothly with the V-Ray Clipper.
• Powerful lighting calculations — With V-Ray Adaptive Lights algorithm, rendering speed is accelerated up to seven times on some scenes.
• V-Ray Frame Buffer — Now it is possible to adjust your render’s colors, exposure, and more directly in V-Rays frame buffer

To learn more about V-Ray for formZ , go through the following link

Go through the following video.

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Friday, May 18, 2018

2018 Click-Kitchen 2 is an exclusive plugin for designing your kitchen

David B has developed 2018 Click-Kitchen 2, an exclusive sketchup plugin that can be applied to create the drawing of your 3D kitchen easily and rapidly. The plugin comprises of over 5000 references of IKEA furniture together with customize option.

This sketchup plugin is compatible with SketchUp 2014, SketchUp 2015, SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017, SketchUp 2018.

With this sketchup plugin, the users can get rid of laborious manual process for making the drawings of your kitchen.

One will be able to customize your 3D kitchen with the selection of smallest detail.

With some simple mouse clicks, it is possible to prepare your kitchen for a realistic rendering.

The plugin is available in extension warehouse
Watch the following video tutorial for online demonstration of the plugin.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

s4u Hide Line – The new paid member in extension warehouse

s4u Hide Line is the newest member in extension warehouse. This sketchup pluign is compatible with SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017, SketchUp 2018.

The plugin can be applied for different industries like Architecture, Construction, Education, Engineering, Film & Stage, Gaming, Heavy Civil, Interior Design, Kitchen & Bath, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Woodworking, Other etc.

The plugin is developed by Huynh Duong Phung, the renowned plugin developer of other exclusive sketchu plugins like s4u Layer, s4u Stair, s4u Connect, s4u Weld, s4u Export Scenes etc.

This plugin is used to hide/show lines as well as hide intersect lines of objects.
-Hide/Show lines:

Click line to hide /show.
To choose several lines, press and hold mouse button.
Press and hold ALT key on Window (Control in MAC) to split lines.
To remove lines, press and hold SHIFT key in keyboard.

To get more information, go through the following link.

To Soft/Smooth lines, press and hold CTRL key on Window (ALT in MAC)

s4u Hide Line – The new paid member in extension warehouse

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

SketchOSM by PlaceMaker - The newest sketchup extension in extension warehouse

It allows the users to generate 3D buildings parametrically for the inclusion of site context to your model. The Buildings which are produced with SketchOSM can then be allocated universally by publishing directly to OpenStreetMap (OSM).

It is an extensive database for accessing and editing geo-information through GPS devices, websites, apps etc.

Given below, some exclusive features of the plugin :-
• Well matched with SketchUp 2017+ Make or Pro (Windows Only)
• Geo-location tool
• Geo-locate your model and import a satellite image from DigitalGlobe as a reference for tracing buildings
• Import OSM road centerlines and illustrate the current OSM 3D Buildings for reference
• Generate simple OSM 3D Buildings
• Generate Multi-Part Complex (Relation) Buildings
• Parametric tools to edit new buildings
• Height Tool
• Roof shape (gable, hip, round, skillion, onion, dome, round, pyramid)
• Roof Height
• Building Color
• Roof Color
• Edit Building Outline
• Minimum Building Height
• Copy Attributes (tags) from one building to another
To get more information, go through the following link.
To learn the complete process, go through the following video.

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Friday, May 11, 2018

How to include v-ray materials in your sketchup models from v-ray material library

This is an exclusive Vray 3.6 for SketchUp tutorial which will teach you how to apply materials from v-ray material library to texture objects in sketchup to perform more superior renderings.

In v-ray, there is an extensive library that contains various materials and these materials can be employed in your sketchup models. You can get a superior rendering output as compared to low resolution sketchup materials.

The v-ray material library can be accessed from v-ray asset editor. Just make sure that the material section is clicked on, then click on the arrow located in left-hand side and go through the pop up menu with different categories where all the materials of v-ray are listed. As for instance, if you click on brick section, you will find various types of brick materials.
These v-ray materials range from paints, glasses, stones, wall textures.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

How to create curved ramp with various sketchup plugins

This is an exclusive video tutorial for sketchup users for learning how to create the design of a curved ramp in sketchup.

To create the model of curved ramp the following types of sketchup plugins are used :-

Fredo6 Tools (CurviShear)
FredoTools group a series of individual plugins. By providing them as a single package, it is possible to lessen the footprint on Sketchup and get rid of setting up each plugin separately.
CurviShear is a small independent script that facilitates to deform a curve or a set of curves by shearing them vertically along their contour. It is generally what is required to approximate CURVED RAMPS.
Curviloft – Curviloft produces surfaces from curves by Lofting and Skinning
Loft by Spline unites individual contours, open or closed with smooth splines
Loft along Path combines contours, along a given rail curve.

Skinning makes surfaces bounded by 4 or 3 contiguous contours

JHS Powerbar - This tool is actually a compilation of robust extensions from other developers, like TIG, Thom Thom, Rick Wilson, Christina Eneroth, and more.

To watch the tutorial in detail, go through the following video. Video Source Tutorials Up

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Monday, May 7, 2018

VR Sketch – A new wing has been added to extension warehouse

Maciej F is the developer of the newest sketchup plugin alias VR Sketch. It is well matched with sketchup 2017 and sketchup 2018. It is only compatible with windows platform.

It can be used for editing and visualizing architectural models from SketchUp in virtual reality. HTC Vive with SteamVR installed should be necessary for present setup.-
The trial version of the plugin functions for 2 weeks. After that a paid version is required with free access for 2 weeks.
The current version allows the users to view and edit directly in VR and the users can use it to deal with large models. The link from SketchUp files is instant and it is possible to edit both on the monitor and in the VR simultaneously.
The present version is not intended for photo realism and rather features on having a cartoonish but well performing mode that allows you to edit SketchUp files 100s of megabytes in size.
To get more information, go through the following link
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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Abvent S.A has introduced Artlantis v7 for improved rendering

Abvent S.A. has recently introduced Artlantis 7, the most updated version of its robust 3D visualization software that is specifically designed for architects and designers.

Artlantis 7 comes up with various new features which can enhance the calculation speed and rendering precision. Besides, this newest version launches Twinlinker, an application that empowers the users to quickly generate and distribute virtual visits of their Artlantis and Twinmotion projects online.

Artlantis 7: New features
Superior artificial lights: With the accurate artificial light sampling method, it becomes possible to enhance the energy diffusion of the light sources in the 3D scene and reinforce the reflection of the satin materials by means of a brighter gloss.
Adaptative anti-aliasing: Powerful anti-aliasing facilitates the users to locate the areas to be rendered, optimizing calculation and curtailing rendering times, devoid of any modification in the image quality.
Twinlinker: The virtual visits app is created by Abvent R&D. It facilitates the users to generate and distribute virtual visits of their Artlantis and Twinmotion projects online quickly and easily.
Just export the images, panoramas and videos produced in Artlantis 7 to Twinlinker, then connect them to develop virtual visits. These can be distributed extensively by email (a simple link) or made available for screening on a website.
Download Artlantis v7.0

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Friday, May 4, 2018

Highlights of three SketchUp Projects

Jeff Branch: Jeff Branch is a hobbyist woodworker, carpenter and blogger, who have been working as full-time in the flooring industry to build furniture for about 30 years in his home based workshop, Pelham, Alabama at USA. He has done his graduation from the University of Alabama with a BA in Communication; he has worked in the flooring industry holding both the positions of sales and sales management.

After that he has changed his job and recently working as a manufacturer’s representative selling residential and commercial flooring products to retail flooring stores and commercial sub-contractors in central Alabama.

He has started woodworking at the classes of his university and complete many projects on a commission basis; he has made fourteen woodworking plans till now where he uses SketchUp for illustrating and modeling his works. He prefers to work with SketchUp Make and Pro and has created many SketchUp models also.
Everyone is aware about Jeff’s awesome models in SketchUp which he used to make before doing any kind of Woodwork design but according to him all of his works are of same pattern so there is not a new thing for him. but he always has desires to do something new in SketchUp and whenever he gets a chance to do an out of track work he gives his full attention and on some occasions he also does free SketchUp work which can define his skills in a new way.
In this article we are going to discuss about three new completed SketchUp projects which Jeff has finished recently and he has shared his experience working in a new way.
• The AWG Workstation: Recently the Guild has told Jeff to create a SketchUp model for a new workstation which should be a combination of downdraft sanding station, router table and miter saw stand. After creating a simple model in SketchUp, Jeff found an error and used a new method to find it; at first he has created the cutlist for the workstation where a component was showing in the wrong dimension which he could not find in the SketchUp model.
There is a rarely used tool in SketchUp called the “Outliner” found in the following path Window > Default Tray > Outliner; it shows a list of the components in a model. By clicking a component from the list the component will be highlighted in the model and Outliner helped him to find out this mystery component and fixed the model. So basically in this project, Jeff created the SketchUp model based on a design by member Patrick Bush and then made basic images and a cutlist to show the measure of the material in the project.
• The Curio Cabinet: The Jackson Dresser woodworking plan was started off from an email request made by a reader for a particular curio cabinet and as it was a long process, he just made only one. Though he has made a SketchUp model for the reader and arranged scenes showing the method of making it. While making the broad curve of the legs, Jeff was facing some problems in the radius of the curve changes along its length so he tried a new tool named Match Photo from the Camera drop down menu. This tool imported the curio cabinet photo and then aligns each axis to the photo; next he traced over the photo with the line tool and Bezier curve extension to make a duplicate leg.
• Arts and Crafts Side Table: At first he took a standard quarter-sawn white oak and piled the color in Photoshop with two standard filters and warmed up the color a little bit. It gave the model a shiny look and made it a little different from the picture.
Article Source

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Inventory3D for Excel ( – The newest extension available in extension warehouse

Inventory3D for Excel is the newest sketchup plugin that is compatible with SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017, SketchUp 2018. It is a paid plugin. The plugin can be used to allow three-dimensional graphical inventory, design and facilities maintenance with Excel spreadsheets.

The most updated version is Inventory3D for Excel ( and it contains the following exclusive features :-
Autolayer – It can organize the layer structure of the SketchUp components in relation to their SU_Layer column values in Excel.
Autobinding – It can automatically unite components in the model to Excel records with their unique identifiers/names.
Autopositioning – It can automatically arrange components in the model in accordance with their coordinates described in Excel.
Assisted Labeling – It can demonstrate excel information regarding components in SketchUp Layout.
The sketchup users can download this plugin from extension warehouse


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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

FaceDirector – The newest sketchup extension in extension warehouse

FaceDirector is the newest sketchup extension that is compatible with sketchup 2016. This sketchup extension is developed by the renowned plugin developer Rafael Rivera.

It is used to resolve face orientation issue with a single mouse click.

FaceDirector is very effective when the sketchup models contain numerous reverse faces and the default reverse tool is not functioning.

With face director, it is possible to retain all your sketchup models clean by reversing back faces as per the view of camera.

The plugin can also save your huge time as you don’t have to perform time consuming work of right clicking every face manually to reverse it.

Download the plugin, from extension warehouse

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