Wednesday, September 16, 2020

LayOut Changes and New Naming System

 This year, we have seen many great changes in SketchUp 2020 and 2020.1. We have seen these changes mentioned in many places, right? However, we often neglect it's buddy, LayOut. Today, we will talk about the new naming system in SketchUp that you may be unfamiliar with. Also, the changes in LayOut 2020, such as the new Document control, new Model Views, advanced Customization etc. need a thorough going-over.

LayOut 2020

There are a few changes in the LayOut 2020 as well. Which means, your documentation just got hiked up a notch! Let's see what's new in LayOut 2020.

Better Document Control

The Trimble team has been working hard to improve the communication between SketchUp and LayOut. This has been updated. Now you have more editing options right there in LayOut itself! No more switching between the two apps to update all the scenes. Well, there will be a little of that going on, still. But it's much less than before.

Model Views

Now LayOut is more intelligent and understands your model much better. To that end, now you are able to change the viewing style in LayOut without fear of losing changes. To indicate that you have made changes to the viewing style here, part of your toolbar will darken. This lets you have a hitherto unexperienced level of freedom in LayOut. What if you want your original viewport back? No worries, you can always resync.


Previously, linking a viewport to another model was a real pain in the, you know. You had to delete that view port first. Then you’d insert a new SKP. And then you;d have to resync all your scale and viewport sizes. Hurts, huh? Well, no longer. Now, if you have multiple viewports for a single model, you can link one of them directly to another model. Easy, right? But, do note that you can do that with one and only one viewport for each model.

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