Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The November issue of Sketchup ur Space has released

Kolkata, India, November 23, 2010: The third issue of Sketchup ur Space has been launched by Global Associates. This flap book continues its duty of providing valuable information about the wonderful 3D designing tool. You can experience the flash version here: http://sketchup4architect.com/media/2010/nov/ and download the PDF at: http://www.sketchup4architect.com/media/2010/nov/sketchup-ur-space-nov10.pdf.

With the simplicity and clearness of the explanation, Sketchup ur Space is trying to ‘experience everyone the power and fun’ of 3D designing which is the basic intention of this wonderful designing tool. The main theme of the third edition of SketchUp ur Space is the plug ins. Plug ins, the program to enhance the functionality of SketchUp are the most talk about matter of this 3D world. Here you can find a general introduction of plug ins with all its variety and functioning. There are lots of guest article by Albert hart, the president of Render Plus and Justin Anderson of Waybe Team. A blog on how Sketchup is helpful in making movie is quite interesting and informative. A blog of renowned SketchUp artist Jim Leggitt adds value to this flash magazine.

In sketchup ur Space, you not only find the information about Sketchup plug in but the tips to install it in step by step. A detailed list various Sketchup plug ins and their functioning definitely help not only the newbie Sketchup artist but also the experience one. A top up article enriches the magazine by providing useful information about the Sketch-A-Space competition. Experiencing this winderfulmagazine on Sketchup, it can be said that it is a one of a kind venture of sketchup4architect.com.

For more details please visit: http://www.sketchup4architect.com/magazine.htm

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sketchup - A unique tool for medical drawing

Sketchup can be used in medical drawing for success. The 3 dimensional drawings of organs and machine make the understanding more clearly to the doctors. That’s why the medical industry tends to use Sketchup more day by day. Using Sketchup, makes the complex organ drawing simpler and fun filled.

How does Sketchup4architect help in medical drawing?

Sketchup4architect helps the medical industry by making drawing of medical machinery like ultra sound, Electro cardio gram (E.C.G) and many other things. It also helps in creating model of hospitals, operation theatre (O.T), doctor’s chamber etc. You can also make customized design of hospital facility or bed for any particular disease. Many other equipments like wheel chair, crutch which have to customize for some times can be designed by Sketchup easily.

Our experience and talented team explain the complex working of medical equipment to interns, medical staff, trainees, sales person or nay end users through the animated illustration made by Sketchup. This process is effective to understand the features of the equipment. With the help of this process a lots of expenditure, time and effort can be saved easily. The clear, detailed 3D drawings of organ by Sketchup helps the medical students to get a clear and real time experience about human body.

Posted by
Debarati Nath
for www.sketchup4architect.com