Monday, May 30, 2011

Sketchup ur Space: The Journey begins…

The name Sketchup ur Space has become quite famous in this these days. First started in September 2010, this magazine has come a long way. From a 14 page flash book to a website it is really a long long journey. In this journey, Sketchup ur Space has not only overcome all its obstacle but also made a mark in the sphere of SketchUp and everybody starts to recognize it.

In its starting days, there were only a few topics like cover story, guest articles but in the later edition many new subject like top up article, news room, showcase images and many more. Sketchup ur Space not only enhance its volume but also upgrade its quality. In this magazine, the cooperation of the legend SketchUp artists like Jim Leggitt, James Hanningan, Dennis Fukai, David Pillsberry and many more. The newly added interview section will help you to know the 3D designers in live conversation. In this way, Sketchup ur Space has become one of the best available resource on net on SketchUp. The magazine is already critically acclaimed and praise by many SketchUp well known artists. The showcase images section has become a platform for all the budding SketchUp artist of all over the world to show his or her work to the world.

Sketchup ur Space has become a piazza for the familiar and new SketchUp designers. All the masters of their tricks share their experience, feelings with the new designers whose knowledge bank is getting enriched by the magazine. But this is not enough. Sketchup ur Space more way to go. This is only the dawn in this 3D world. Hope that this magazine will have some more terrific issue for us.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Leading Builder, Turner Construction, utilize Sketchup 3D modeling software in their project

Turner Construction Company, leading builders in the U.S, is utilizing Sketch Up Pro(TM) [premium 3-Dimensional model authoring tool] during construction at all levels from managers to field superintendents for conceptual "what if" scenario cost estimating analyses, building systems constructability studies, whole building and site models for sequencing and schedule analysis and work-in-place monitoring.

Sketch up is being utilized as a part of standard "digital toolbox" to offer Building Information Modeling (BIM) associated services on projects across the United States and around the world.

As for instance, On site BIM project team of Turner apply Sketch up for World Trade Center site in New York City, to present daily rapid 3D studies for project stakeholders. Sketch up models are used to give information throughout the decision making process and support the overall management and control of the construction activities at the site.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

ARmedia Augmented Reality Pluginfor Version 2.1 released

Inglobe Technologies just released Version 2.1 of the ARmedia Augmented Reality Plugin for Google Sketchup and Autodesk 3D Max. The term “Augmented Reality” (AR) comprises of a set of technologies utilized to incorporate and superimpose digital contents (for example 3D animations, video, text and images) onto the physical world in real time using appropriate computer interfaces.

Augmented Reality technologies may be termed as essential tools to be applied with gaming, communication, marketing, education, design and in a lot of other applicative domain.

The new version comes up with some new exciting features for the creation of high quality Augmented Reality content that can be utilized to enhance designer’s control over Augmented Reality workflow and visualization.

The new version contains the following features :-
Video/Audio Objects: support for the creation of 3D objects that allow interactive media files playback.

Soundtracks: support for audio playlist management which will play in background during the AR Visualization.

Customizable Interactions: support for definition of interactions with 3D objects during the AR Visualization.

Save/Load Custom Configurations: possibility to save/load many configuration options such as Markers’ Library and 3D Scene Setup.

Extended Animations support for 3ds Max: e.g. skinning and morphing.

ARmedia Plugin 2.1 is compatible with Google SketchUp and Autodesk 3ds Max. Besides the Professional Lite and Professional Editions, a free Trial and a Personal Learning Edition (PLE) are also available from Inglobe’s website.

Posted by Rajib
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