Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sketchup Gallery on picasaweb

Recently an array of 3D images have been uplaoded by Sketchupdates Team on Well sketchUpdates has more than 70 album in its image gallery & the team enlisted new one.
Architecture Rendering

The collection is named Sketchup Office candy baggs numbers of rendered sketchup images. The sketchup 3D images has been created by different artist are mentioned here. You can easily share the image by email, post it on blog or tweet it on one click.The album SketchUp Office Eye Candy give you many option for Downloading & printing the image. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

New SketchUp Component 3D Model - Town Hall

We have enlisted all the new popular 3D Model - Town Hall with their Sketchup file on sketchup4architect.comSketchup 3D warehouse recently updated with new 3D models named - Town Hall. The Town Hall is a collection of photo-textured models of City Halls throughout the world.
 Burbank City Hall
Antwerp City Hall

Friday, July 6, 2012

Shaderlight Cloud Rendering (Shaderlight v2.2) has launched

ArtVPS has announced Shaderlight Cloud Rendering (Shaderlight v2.2) in its latest press release. The sketchup plugin Shaderlight V2.2 gives leading interactive and intuitive rendering quality that can harness the power of the cloud simply by clicking a button. The Plugin is first and only rendering plugin that consistently support the power of cloud computing. Famous specialist in 3D solutions for kitchen and bathrooms and founder of -Eric Schimelpfenig said that with this new version of Shaderlight, we are assuring first big step into the future of rendering. He added that renders have never looked so good, so fast.

Shaderlight Cloud Rendering has already bagged a Best in Show award when it was launched in May at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) 2012 National Convention and Design Exposition, Washington DC.

Now with render prices starting $9.99, Shaderlight Cloud Rendering provides a cost effective way to deliver high impressive rendering. A cost for each job will be provided to the user prior to the job commencing. The Sketchup users will get the expertise to maintain high quality and huge time saving by concurrently producing high resolution real time renderings of sketchup animations equal to 30x faster, and scenes equal to 5x faster (in comparison with 4-core workstations).

More details on Shaderlight Cloud Rendering plug-in can be obtained from here

Download Shaderlight Plugin Free
Download Sketchup Plugin Free

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sketchup 3D Component - Art Gallery

Sketchup 3D warehouse have numerous ready collection of 3D models. Art Gallery, a cool collection of fully photo-textured 3D models is developed by Zoungy named “Models By Zoungy”. The models in Art Gallery are high definition old style which shows impressive diversity and selection of art. The models created by Zoungy are marked on his name and there are lot more models which has been designed by other sketchup designer. In the month of February the collection has been again updated with more 3D models.

You can put, share, upload, and download this 3D model to use in Google Earth and sketchup. Either you can save that model and can use it later or can load it directly in to Sketch-Up to modify.

Download Art Gallery 3D Models free

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sketchup Model - Building Maker 3D Google Earth

Building Maker 3D Google Earth is another important collection of models in Google 3D Warehouse. Building maker 3D Google Earth is mainly a 3D modelling tool for adding buiding to the Google Earth.

This Collection of building maker provides you the different kind architecture models. This component also helps you to create your models and you can placed them to the Google Earth.

In this particular collection, we have create a collection of models list with the basis of ranking and popularity.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sketchup Material Library -Free Download

Sketchup Materials are collection of texture for your model. It is essential paints that have a color. Sketchup Material Library contains different wood texture, wall texture, sand texture and metal texture. On the basis of rating and review all the impassive sketchup material have been enlisted here.

One can easily create Sketchup material from image files like .jpg, .gif using the material browser. There are few Sketchup Plugin which already comes with the product like IRender and RPS 3D PDF.

The different collection of texture in Sketchup Material library has much standard collection of bricks, lava, sky, stars, burn wood, aluminum, walls and much more.