Sunday, September 22, 2013

RoundCorner 2.5a for sketchup

RoundCorner is a free plugin for sketchup and can be applied for personal and commercial application. The Sketchup users can utilize the plugin to make the edges and corners of 3D characters round along a 2D profile in three different ways which range from  Round corners, Sharp corners and Bevel.

RoundCorner is compatible with concave corners (always rendered as Round) and non-orthogonal edge faces. Corners contain 2, 3, or more edges.

In order to install the plug in go to Tools menu, select Fredo6 Collection and then RoundCorner.

For having a full installation, just install the SCF PluginStore toward the first step and then install all scripts (latest versions) via the Plugin Store.

Also ensure to install the most updated version of AdditionalPluginFolders (v3.1).

The latest release is RoundCorner 2.5. It is a most important technical release employing the new naming conventions provided by LibFredo6 5.2.

There are no functional changes in Round Corner 2.5. However, this new version circumvents some problems of security restrictions that were often met with version 2.3.


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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Next Limit just introduced a new free version of the Maxwell renderer for Google SketchUp

Maxwell Render for Trimble SketchUp is a standalone package that contains a custom designed render engine. This exclusive render engine is totally incorporated with sketchup and the users can utilize its high quality, realtime rendering capability from inside SketchUp without requiring a a full license of Maxwell.

Maxwell gives opportunities for Sketchup users to apply sophisticated rendering in a custom built, user-friendly package for free of cost with its basic version which is restricted in in output resolution to 800 pixels.


The Licensed version containing superior and more controllable Production rendering mode will cost $95. The licensed version can increase the resolution capacity to HD (1960 pixels).

Maxwell Render is mostly accepted for architectural visualization, product design, interior design, film/animation production, engineering and other markets with a supreme render quality. The users get the ability to generate materials, set lights and cameras, and render 3D scenes etc., all in a striking, pragmatic and instinctive way.

Download Maxwell for sketchup free -


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Friday, September 13, 2013

Analytical advantages of Image-Based 3D Modeling in Archaeology

The document authorization and distribution of spatial data is the most significant arena for archaeologists. Digital concept concerning site and excavation unit level mapping, provides huge advantages in the field of archaeology. In comparison with a manual approach, it provides more precise and quick method.

PhotoScan Pro and PhotoModeler Scanner produce a 2D georeferenced orthorectified photograph (hereafter known as orthophoto) output in which a 3D model is transformed into a spatially perfect 2D rendering of the modeled space. The images function like a best platform where drafters can make digital maps.

It is examined from the field that maps of scales encompassing an excavation unit to a complete site generated with orthophotos through an image-based 3D modeling software, are more authentic with respect to the maps made by applying manual drafting processes.

If a drafter comes up with a digital cartographic approach established in the application of orthophotos exported from an image-based 3D modeling software, he will be able to produce an archaeological mapping containing a well-organized timing as well as exceptional spatial accuracy.

The spatial reliability of image-based 3D models can be treated as a perfect system for a 3D excavation recording process, since most of the software packages allow area and volume calculation functions.


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Thursday, September 12, 2013

3-Sweep - An exclusive software to extract 3D objects from a single photograph

A group of computer science professors from Israel known as Ariel Shamir, associated with the Interdisciplinary Center at Herzliya, Daniel Cohen-Or and Tao Chen of Tel Aviv University, develop 3-Sweep. It is still in beta stage.
3-Sweep is an interactive 3D modelling technique that can quickly gather information from several photographs and transforms the objects into 3D models instantly by applying a few clicks.

The software applies the same techniques useful to view 3D objects in 2D photos. The users can just draw a line transversely each of its three basic axes to recognize the 3d object. It can then highlight & snaps to the object along with its outlines and shapes and facilitates the user to rotate, adjust and move it around in three dimensions. While performing these functions, the software preserves the parallelism, concentricity and orthogonality.

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Generate a high quality rendering with your sketchup model by Raylectron version 3.02

SoftByte Labs, Inc recently launched Raylectron version 3.02, a most important improvement to their Raylectron suite.

Raylectron v3.02 can smoothly and efficiently render 3D models created with Sketchup into a photorealistic image.

Raylectron contains three diversified rendering modes. Based on the renderable scene, the users can apply raytracing with proper shadows, pathtracing with or without direct illumination and photonmapping for generating an exclusive effect.

Raylectron consists of four types of light source ranging from the sun, the sky, environment maps and any materials set as a light source (emitter) having settings for the power and coverage angle. Any materials can generate various effects like reflection (like mirror), refraction (like glass), transparency, glossiness, shininess, bump maps, normal maps, grass and background images. Shadows are not false or reproduced like "Soft shadows". Caustics are also genuine, not forged or replicated. Raylectron applies all the CPU cores and threads (user selectable) to perform rendering in quickest possible time. It can also utilize slaves by setting up Raylectron on remote computers further increasing the rendering speed.

Some of the amazing features:
·         Render OBJ files.
·         Rendered animation.
·         Save rendered data.
·         Physical sun and sky.
·         Support HDR 360° maps.
·         Twopoint perspective.
·         Start/Stop/Resume render.
·         GPU Acceleration, faster CPU.
·         Free Sketchup while rendering.
·         Fix Reversed Face Material tool.
·         XRay vision (render through walls).
·         Instancing of components and groups.
·         Network render. Unlimited number of nodes.
·         Grass & Fur real time preview and generation.
·         Model viewer (rotate, pan, zoom as in Sketchup).
·         Stereo Vision (crossedeye, no glasses required).
·         Transparent background (great for saving as PNG).
·         Save render in HDR, PSD, PNG, JPG and many other formats.

Raylectron v3.02 is available for free evaluation.

For additional information about Raylectron:

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