Friday, September 30, 2011

Celebrating the first Birthday of Sketchup ur Space

Sketchup urSpace is celebrating its first birthday all along the September. In September 2010, two things happened in the SketchUp world. The first was the launch of SketchUp 8 in the Google 3D Basecamp and the other was the birth of the first ever SketchUp magazine, SketchUp ur Space. The first look of Sketchup ur Space created a wave in the SketchUp Community. Many appreciated and some criticizes the follies. We always adore the appreciation as well as the criticism because criticism is the only way to get polished to the perfection. We learned from our follies.
September issue of Sketchup ur Space

On the way to our success we got guidance of many learned SketchUp artists like James Hannigan, James Ogston, Nomer Adona, Jim Leggitt, Bonnie Roskes and many more people. We want to thank everyone for liking, disliking, appreciating or criticizing us. To celebrate our special time we organized a Sketchup Competition called Sketchup ur Space: SketchUp Competition. In this Competition we got entries from all over the world. The entry of Gerbe Dumahil got the first prize, the license of V-Ray for SketchUp. In the magazine of Sketchup ur Space, we take a look back to our past editions. Apart from this we have a live chit chat show with SketchUp writer and architect, Daniel Tal. In another interview with Glen Taylor, Siear Waizy and Dave Wortley helps you to get knowledge on how customer will get success with the help of V-Ray. Bonnie Roskes, Gerbe Dumahil, Jean Luc Clause, Jim Leggitt and Nomer Adona give their learned opinion about SketchUp. Hope that we will celebrate more anniversary of Sketchup ur Space.     

Thursday, September 29, 2011

VRay The Complete Guide 2011 by Francesco Legrenzi

The complete guide of V-ray has came with it's new second edition of the first book. The book is completely devoted to V-ray and will provide you full support for the specialist. Many of the user unknown of the tool or rendering software V-ray and spend maximum time searching the meaning of a particular parameter. It is very important to have knowledge about the tool before using it and the only way to please yourself is to go through the manual guidance about the tool.

After the release of one year of 1st edition, the second edition of the book has arrived for SketchUp V-ray. The book will contain not only the basic list of command but a special tool composed of technical & theoretical parts by which you will be able to carried away.
The book will also contain DVD-ROM of 32 animation in .mov format showing example. It will be only available in PDF digital format and contain upgrade to V-ray 1.5 SP3a with 30 new pages paper unpublished. For further info you can visit to

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Watercolor from a SketchUp Model by Jim Leggitt

Jim Leggitt, a SketchUp user from Drawing professional has recently written about a new digital watercolor technique that he has been exploring with Google SketchUp. He wanted to feature this traditional watercolor process for the talented illustrator Michael Abbott. Michael needed to use it for a proposed golf course development, so he built the original SketchUp model for him and illustrated the beautiful tradition painting using four following steps:

Step-1. Concept for Master Plan- The planning team designed the golf course and club house adjacent to mid-rise residential buildings. They included several watercolor painting of the golf course and other amenities for visual presentation material.
Step-2. SketchUp Massing model- He built a simple SketchUp block model for the golf clubhouse complex and made an effort to insert just enough model details knowing that the building were only going to be seen from the aerial perspective.
Step-3. Ink line Drawing- They first enlarge the aerial view to 17’’x24’’ and created an overlay pencil sketch of the scene for team review and comment. Michael Abbott then illustrated the scene on 1000H vellum with a 0.25mm fine point Radiograph pen. His line drawing was scanned at 300dpi, lightened in Photoshop and printed onto watercolor paper with waterproof ink.
Step-4. Watercolor painting- Finally Michael had the print of his line draw mounted on a heavy board and started to paint onto the paper with traditional watercolor and some of the white highlights painted with opaque paint.     

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Google celebrate 13th anniversary

No one could imagine that Google would become the most powerful search engine of all time. It was 27Sept, 13 years ago, when two young students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who were attending a PhD in the area of Computer Science at Stanford University, gave birth to a search algorithm and named it, " Google ".

They never ever imagined that their concept behind making such a powerful search engine would become so famous that one day it will stand no.-1 and serve you almost all information whatever you want. Hector Garcia Molina who was director of the Computer Systems Laboratory at Stanford University was also involved in this great thesis. Very rapidly, Google was gaining ground and popularity and today apart from the search engine company now offers other services such as that of Gmail for e-mail , the calendar , the 3D world map Google Earth , Google SketchUp for 3D modeling, maps for GPS network Google Maps that no other search engine provide. Apart from these few more services are Google Alerts, Blogger, FeedBurner, Google Analytics, Google App Engine, Google Base, Google Blogsearch, Google BumpTop, Google Chrome, Google Chrome OS, Google Code, Google Code Search, Google Desktop, Google Dictionary, Google Docs, Google Earth , Google Friend Connect, Google Groups, Google Health, Google Books, Google News, Google Notebook, Google Pack, Google Public DNS, Google Reader, Google Sets, Google Sandbox, Google Scholar, Google Sites, Google SketchUp, Google Talk, Google Translator , Google Translator Toolkit, Google Trends. If you want to browse more services provided by Google then open and search Google services. It will come out with the numbers of other famous services which are not mentioned above. It also launched it own web browser called Google Chrome. So further expand its domain and in 2011 bought a Motorola Mobility for about 12, 500 million thus compete with Apple with its operating system Android, and there is speculation that they are working on developing a "Google Office".

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Monday, September 26, 2011

e-on Software announced LumenRT Review for SketchUp

LumenRT is e-on software's revolutionary new product for the visualization of architectural projects in real-time 3D with accurately simulated lighting. It is fully interactive with anyone and will run on any computer without special viewing software making it easy to share designs and collaborate with anyone.

Key Fatures of LumenRT are:
  • High fidelity, photo-realistic 3D Viewing
  • Accurate lighting, shadows and reflections
  • Fast immersive 3D viewing performance
  • Automated rendering output from SketchUp/SketchUp Pro
  • Save SketchUp camera animation as AVI or MP4V files.
  • No special viewing software required and runs in any computer
  • Incredibly simple, push-button operation

 e-on software is a leader of 3D light, sky & nature technologies. They have announced the availability of new update for LumenRT review for Google SketchUp. The new product adds support for SketchUp like “Face me” billboards together with the ability to add the user’s company logo on Livecubes.

LumenRT’s Billboard support is particularly handy for the creation of plants, bushes, grass fields, or when adding people in the scene. Billboard objects always face the camera and can dramatically improve performance by allowing complex objects to be defined with far fewer polygons while maintaining a 3D look and feel.
The LiveCubes are rapidly becoming a popular medium in many Architectural firms to present attention-grabbing projects to clients. The ability to add a firm's logo directly to the LiveCube helps to further enhance corporate identity and brand image.

The existing user can download this new release for free directley from e-on's website.
It is designed for 32 & 64 bits both application for windows & Mac as well.
The review is available for SketchUp & SketchUp pro. For more information visit for detailed system requirement & purchasing option.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Demo released of Shaderlight v2.

 After an announcement from the manufacturer of plugin Shaderlight v2, the team heads to Decorex, London for the demonstration of their latest release on 25-28 Sept-2011.
The demonstration will be given by Senior Technician and Support manager, Martin Cox. He is keen to show how anyone can simply transform an interior design concept from simple 3D model to photorealistic animation or image using the new plugin software.

According to him it will be very easy to learn & use the powerful combination of Google SketchUp and Shaderlight. It allows you to create very high quality image at ease.
Martin Cox is an also authorized trainer of SketchUp & Shaderlight and runs course for new designers & architects at schools including KLC School of interior design. He already incorporated this into their design course which enables students to develop photorealistic images.    
Anyone wants to attend the seminar can come at 5pm on Monday at Royal Hospital Chelsea, London.
For more information contact @: or 07920 888544. 

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Case Study on Google SketchUp Furniture by Dave Richard

David Richard is fine woodworker living in Rochester, Minnesota, maintains critical life support equipment in the Anesthesia Dept at Mayo clinic in day as well as an authorized Sketchup trainer, teaching on popular blog in night. In an interview he shared few of his important knowledge on Sketchup, so lets find out what are those..

How does he use Sketchup..?
He said, “Typically drawing plans is very important for any project so that any woodworker can easily understand & build”. Using sketchup he found anything can be drawn in detail of any machine view and instructional manuals initially. “Some of the project may require some designing work and collaboration with clients while other projects involve only creating plans for existing furniture” he added.   

What was his first reaction using Sketchup..?
“I first heard about the Google Sketchup pro, then spent long time looking for few video & took help from forums and finally downloaded it worked & I was pretty much pleased with the software” he said. Very quickly he learned to create a 3D perspective view of a real object with dimension. He found it much easier than CAD and finally bought it & soon realized that Sketchup pro is really big tool to boost his shop.  

How does he co-operate another tool with Sketchup..?
At first he use a layout design to create plan documentation from Sketchup model which is a key part of the process and then uses Microsoft Excel & Word to deal with CSV file as well Photoshop and Paint.NET. Sometime he uses Style Builder to make his own Sketchup line style.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Plugin Free Internet Explorer-10 in windows 8

Now Microsoft also joining the battle with Apple and Adobe over flash publishing the latest news on their official blog that Internet Explorer 10 on windows will no longer support plugins. The have cleared this the new version of Explorer will not support Adobe Flash whereas the desktop version of Internet Explorer-10 will remain supporting plugin as usual.
The new windows 8 style will be much like Microsoft’s windows phone-7 interface and will have two version of IE-10.

1. A Conventional Browser
2. New Metro Style.

The new Metro style touch friendly browser that lives in the Metro world will not support ant plugins whereas Flash, Silverlight or some custom business apps, websites that needs plugin will only be accessible in non-touch, conventional desktop-based browser.
Now the technically there is nothing wrong with the desktop browser, just the performance & rendering will need to be identical between both desktop and Metro.
The desktop browser is not designed for finger touch, so you have to take help from your mouse & keyboard and fumble around the interface but Metro browser will comes with touch screen technology.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Google SketchUp: Artlantis plugin for Mac OS update

Now there is good news for Mac OS user that Abvent has released a free update to Artlantis 3.0.7. The updated version is available in 32 & 64 bit versions. It will overcome the issue with opening files.
The Artlantis is already recognized for the fastest, powerful solution for photo realistic 3D rendering & animation. Now the new series includes even more accurate radiosity engine, better management of geometry by layer and simplified control of optimized lighting. 
Media feature includes:
  • Media Search Function
  • Transparency of Billboards and Plants
  • Detachable Components          
Layer Handling:
  • Layer Management
  • Layer Import
  • Automatic Placement
  • Visibility by View
  • Fall-off Presets
  • Neon Shader
  • Exceptional Quality
  • Complete Settings
  • Cloud
  • Water 

These advanced new features make Artlantis more powerful tool than ever. But user should take a note that all the major changes done in 32 bit version whereas 64 bit is still experimental & unsupported and only supportive in alpha. It is recommended from the maker of this plugin is before opening your project in 64 bit version, take a copy of it to 32 bit version, so if any further problem occur in 64 bit in future, you will be able to roll back to the original 32 bit version.

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Photoshop CS3 Extended Plug-In for Google 3D Warehouse updated for photo colorization

A dedicated Plugin is required for time saving for those who have to perform repeatedly the same function like color replacement & addition, though the modern image editing tools provide the tools. Many image editing application software and Plugins provide different range of color addition & replacement functionality with much increased speed and Photoshop integration. Colorization is very such task like adding color to hand drawn artwork, to black & white photos, replacing colors on a color photo, selective colorization & desaturizing area on a color photo.  

Coloriage provides a palette of basic colors as well as a specialized Color Library for refining the subtle tones of skin, hair, grass and other natural elements. Now Latest version 8 adds support for GPU acceleration resulting in faster image processing. A selection incorporated in Photoshop which will now be transferred to the plugin and displayed as the outline made with the Keep Color Pencil. Finally the support has been improved for Mac OS X Lion.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Google Sketchup CADspan: 3D Printing creates 9/11 Tribute

On 10th anniversary of 9/11, David Munson an architectural CAD expert has created a tribute marking, showing his expertise in 3D design & printing tool  to document Ground Zero. He is a specialist in using visualizing and computer technology to create complex architectural representation.

Very much precisely the three part 3D model of WTC Triptych was created by him. He wanted to depict the story of 9/11, before, during & after. So he started thinking on it & realized that using CADspan 3D printing model it can be shown the connection between all of them. 

According to him the “WTC Triptych” project was a labor of love. To accumulate & show together the three phase of the World Trade Center, he drew a numerous data source, including 2D satellite image, Google Earth, photograph downloaded from the internet and publicly available images & 3D models found on wikipedia. Apart from laborious data collection, fine tuning the data models were also big challenge so a 3D printer could reproduce them accurately. Munson used Autodesk 3DsMax Design 3D software in addition to Auto CAD, Google sketchup and Adobe photoshop to build the models done the complex texture mapping and geometry clean up which was important for the output of a 3D printed model in realistic color. ZCorp.
Munson feels very proud that his 3D model is on display at the New York City Fire Museum. He quotes “it is really humbling to be there”.       

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Renditioner pro v2 Download

From the maker of IDX Renditioner, once again a new series came into market with more advanced feature named Renditioner pro v2. The company has introduced a new plugin in the month of April for Google Sketchup model to produce most stunning photorealistic rendering. It is an advanced version of Renditioner having more powerful capabilities & yield quality results.
One can easily load the model by just launching it directly from Sketchup & simply setup the model for rendering with intuitive drag and drop, lighting, material, camera and environment controls. Apart from this it’s professional rendering controls sub-image and progressive rendering which allows you to test & visualize different rendering scene variations of your design. Advanced features like multi-thread rendering will speed the regeneration time depending upon yours system performance.

The key feature of the new version includes:

• High Definition rendering
• Sub-image Rendering
• High performance camera and lighting using HDR
• Extensive Libraries of content
• Easy user interface

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

SketchUp: Shaderlight v2 is released

A powerful SketchUp tool has been released its first series “Shaderlight Version 2” of their intuitive, most relevant and simple to use rendering technology. Shaderlight is very much popular for its successful photo-realistic rendering and great plugin that helps make your SketchUp models look amazingly realistic & the new version makes it even better. Photo-realistic rendering is still far from easy, but Shaderlight gives beginner a fighting chance. The newest version of Shaderlight includes two major new features. The first is called Replace Me and the other one Rendered Animations. One can get the best speedy performance in the model as well as better realism in the render.

The most advanced and cool feature “Replace Me” will really help you to render large/detailed models without spending too much time. Both tools are very simple to use & have the ability to produce some fantastic renders.

Very soon the new Version 2 will be available for download to get the real experience.

Here are few example image of Replace Me tool

Check out the 3D difference of Shaderlight v2.

One can see the official video of newly launched Version 2.

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