Friday, June 24, 2016

Hometeka plugin for SketchUp

The Hometeka plugin for SketchUp can be applied to identify and budget any interior design efficiently. Within this plugin, there exist a widespread library containing textures and 3D models together with over 3,250 products ready to be quantified.

Hometeka plugin facilitates the sketchup uses to obtain numerous products and download them at free of cost with a single mouse click. The models and textures are chosen and developed in direct partnership with brands maintaining actual dimensions.

This sketchup plugin can perform with real products and measure the amount of items and the length of the assigned textures. With Shopping List, it becomes easier to look into the entire project budget and print it as well as export it to an Excel spreadsheet or the Hometeka.

The users can export their Shopping List to the website of Hometeka and allocate with a client, friend or partner etc. One can avail the plugin from any device and easily edit and comment.

This sketchup plugin supports SketchUp 8 , SketchUp 2013 ,SketchUp 2014 , SketchUp 2015 ,SketchUp 2016

Presently the plugin is available only in Brazilian and Portuguese language.

Link for download Hometeka plugin for SketchUp

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Rajib Dey

Thursday, June 23, 2016

How to optimize the process to print scale drawings in sketchup

The youtuber Jack Bench Woodworking, presents a useful video for the sketchup users that offers step-by-step guidelines on how to print scale drawings of the models from sketchup in proper way.

SketchUp will print on the basis of what is correctly exposed on the screen. Therefore, it is significant that your screen displays the view that is required to be present in your drawing. One can only rotate the model around as long as long as it becomes perfect.

SketchUp will automate the process to snap the model to display just one face, and this is more perfect and clear-cut as compared to manual process. The process is very simple :

• Visit the “Camera” drop down menu.
• Hover your mouse over “Standard Views” and fly-out menu will be visible with various options.
• Select the view/perspective that should be shown in your drawing. While performing it, your model will be snap to that orientation.

NOTE: “Parallel Projection” is available just under “Standard Views”. Parallel Projection is the default, but ensure that Parallel Projection is activated.

To get the complete article, go through the following link

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Rajib Dey