Tuesday, January 27, 2015

3D Printed Jewellery Collection for Men only

You can find it in the market now. Earlier we have heard about 3D printed jewellery. But those were all for women. This time it is for men have some of those collections with the attires.

The Cafe Costume and designer pair DAMN and Twikit has created 3D printed Jewellery. They were encouraged by Kunstwerkstede De Coene’s work.

‘De Coene’ is famous for making the 3D printed cufflinks.

The artists - Caroline and Kim, from DAMN were enthralled to witness the work of De Coene. He has conventional nature work on wood.

Here the Business World Fair was the ultimate place for getting the out-of-the-box concept for those designers. The expo was the platform for many budding designers.

The design procedure and the result were come fourth during the Courtrai Interior Biennale 2014 at both Ventura and in the Café Costume shop on the Leiestraat.

A high-quality co-operation needed between DAMN and Café Costume for execution those jointly doing this assignment. Twikit here provides the technology of 3D customization. There is an easy to use option to place the choice of the designer’s material likings such as silver or brass. Hit to the cafecostume.twikit.com for your best options.

3D Printed Jewellery Collection for Men only

Information and Reference:- i.materialise.com and the correspondent is Franky.

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Smoothie-3D, the newest free 3d modeling software that creates smooth 3d models like butter

Smoothie-3D, an exclusive free 3d modeling software that produces 3d printable smoothest 3d models. These 3d models can be used for advertising, 3D visualization, 3D games, web and any other field belongs to 3D design.

The Smoothie-3D software contains astute modeling proficiencies. You can load any image, instantly illustrate an outline of the several parts associated with that image as well as convert any 2D photo into a 3D dimensional printable model right away.
Smoothie-3D contains the following exclusive features :-
  • Apply a background image for making the design and texturing as well as transforming it into a 3D model
  • Import 3D models from STL or OBJ files
  • Export models to STL, OBJ, VRML
  • Transfer models to Shapeways, Thingiverse or i.materialise
  • Symmetry management method
  • Create models from strokes
  • Produce smooth shape design, extrusion, revolution, text and classic primitives
  • Take off shapes from any model efficiently
  • Capability to subdivide and smooth models
Watch the following video presentations to learn how it works.

For more information, visit www.smoothie-3d.com

Smoothie-3D, the newest free 3d modeling software
Image Courtesy: smoothie-3d.com

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