Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Bring your SketchUp Model to Life Using Photoshop

Generally when it comes to rendering our SketchUp models, we normally use V-Ray. But instead, we can use Photoshop to generate some life-like results. This works best with collage-style illustration. These types of illustrations are not only great for speed, but also for informal presentations. Here broad ideas and atmosphere are in focus rather than details. Post-processing is less strict and it is not important to maintain proper perspective.
This skechup plugin is compatible with sketchup 2016.

Compositions are rather more playful with no rules.

1. Base Image – The base image will be used as a guide for laying down other textures and materials in Photoshop.
2. Background – Here you can carefully go through to select backgrounds you may like, or you can randomly select a background too.
3. Textures – There are countless textures available on the internet. You need to go through them to carefully select what you want. Here is a tip, after choosing upon your textures you can store them in a pre designated folder. This is will help you be organized when working on a project.
Bring your SketchUp Model to life using Photoshop

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Rajib Dey