Friday, June 14, 2019

"Review of British Institute of Interior Design Accreditation”

The BIID CPD has approved two courses of SketchUp Hub for the interior designers which can be applied by the SketchUp Hub users.

About SketchUp Hub: Anita Brown has established the SktchUp Hub 3D Visualization and here are a range of courses for helping Interior Designers and students, creating exact floor plans and elevations with a professional touch for the extreme benefit of their business or studies. The SketchUp Hub’s total vision is to authorize Interior Designers especially women providing right technical abilities for making exact drawings and creative illusions at professional standards. Besides that, SketchUp Hub creates an available, engaged and fully supported learning environment for presenting the development of STEM related skills to a female driven industry.

In the month of January this year, the Sketchup Hub had announced their first ever 5 Day Challenge where they had challenged designers and SketchUp users to create an awesome kitchen design with the help of Free SketchUp download. The event was a big successful one and many people showed their wonderful skills where the best got the winner prize and made a place for his/her design. After that the SketchUp Hub has focused on designing the Interior sides of houses with elevations, these elevations are actually some kind of visual tools that allow Interior Designers to transfer perfectly their vision for a space, specifically they can work on the design of a wall and other items within nearly view.

Confirmation on any project by highly observed and respected institution is important for any kind of business especially one which is still trying to set up itself as an important one. That’s why the SketchUp hub is very happy, thrilled and a little bit emotional also very proud to announce that they have been given CPD accreditation by the British Institute of Interior Design for two online SketchUp courses of the SketchUp Hub. The team is very proud of this important that they are announcing the news in a magnitude way, here is a little review of this announcement.

About British Institute of Interior Design:

The British Institute of Interior Design or BIID is the superior professional organization for interior designers in the United Kingdom. Their growing national and international membership represents both the commercial and residential sectors, like from heritage to cutting edge; besides that, there are requirements which assess training, experience and professionalism. This requirement needs the members to continue their professional development throughout their career to ensure their continued expertise in design process, practice and regulatory matters. The BIID is the only professional organization for interior designers which has been given the prestigious and rare accolade of Institute status by the Minister of State.

Mission of the British Institute of Interior Design:

The BIID is committed to encourage and support creativity and ability in the field of interior design through assisting best practice, practical professional support, development opportunities and education. The reason of choosing SketchUp Hub as a platform is that the SketchUp Hub places much significance on standards and professionalism when it comes to the making of plans and drawings using CAD software like SketchUp which can perfectly fit into the overall of the British Institute of Interior Design and the SketchUp Hub is much honored to have given CPD approval.

About CPD:

CPD is the abbreviation of the institute named Continuing Professional Development and it ensures that professionals should maintain and update their skills and knowledge after qualification. British Institute of Interior Design members must engage and record 20 hours of CPD activities annually to continue their membership. According to a member of the BIID, a status to CPD is a help as a form of ensure that BIID members are keeping up to date with the latest developments is a continuously changing industry. This industry gives an opportunity to update personal and professional skills and also a platform to engage with experts in the industry and a forum for the exchange ideas and best practice.

There are two different forms of CPD activities:

  1. Structured and
  2. Unstructured; and all BIID members engage at least 10 hours Structured CPD activity and the SketchUp Hub is proudly announced that their CPD activities for BIID are mentioned as for their online nature and clear learning objectives. The BIID Knowledge Hub is an online platform that is hosting a wide range of educational content, including the SketchUp Hub’s CPD courses.

Review of British Institute of Interior Design Accreditation

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

"Review of Eneroth Tool Memory”

About SketchUp: SketchUp or Google SketchUp is mainly a3D modeling computer program that is used for a broad range of drawing applications used by architects, interior designer, landscape architects, civil and mechanical engineers, film and video game designers also. SketchUp can be getting as a freeware version named SketchUp Make and a paid version with many more extra benefits called SketchUp Pro. SketchUp is software from Trimble Company and there is an online library of free model congregations and 3D Warehouse to which users can add other models; besides that, the program has drawing layout functionality with variable ‘styles’, supports third-party ‘plug-in’ programs hosted on the Extension Warehouse to supply other abilities and enables placement of its models in Google Earth. As SketchUp users are most of architects, designers, builders, makers and engineers etc. who works hard to give a nice shape to our physical world, they need great tools to do the work. SketchUp is in mission to bring their best to produce some great tools for drawing as drawing is the key thing of the SketchUp users. They draw to search ideas, to identify the things and to show other people their work that they do with love and love to build; SketchUp understands it truly and trying to improve their software day by day.

About Extension Warehouse:

It is an online resource with various plug-ins developed made especially for SketchUp and these extensions help to add some special tools and features to SketchUp. These extensions can be found for any particular application like drawing or 3D printing and some industry specified tools for architecture, interior design, construction and many more. So basically in this Extension Warehouse people can do the following things:
  • Users can search extensions by name or as per the functionality.
  • They can also install various extensions with a single click of a button.
  • Or users can also control all the extensions from easy-to-use location in the My Extension page.

Eneroth Tool Memory:

It is like a Cycle that like used tools with a new twist. Cycles open windows with the keys Alt+Tab in windows, this plugin can be used to cycle recently in SketchUp. Eneroth Tool Memory plugin can speed up highly and simplifies the modeling process; this plugin is primarily aimed at skilled professional users who look for ways to improve their work. Moreover that, this plugin is as most useful for tools that users use too little to have a shortcut for but vey regular after using them.

Setup of Eneroth Tool Memory:

After installing the plugin, it will ask for some manual setup to work which cannot be done in automated way but can be done in just few minutes:
  • Users at first need to open the Shortcut settings from the follow path: Window> Preferences> Shortcuts.
  • Then users have to organize a shortcut which is Ctlr+Spacebar and follow the path: Extensions> Eneroth Tool Memory> Cycle Tools. Users can also choose a modifier key other than Ctrl in Windows or Command in Mac, then the following path will be: Extensions> Eneroth Tool Memory> Set Modifier Key and select that key.
  • Besides the above two options, users can also set up a concur shortcut including Shift; just as Ctrl+Shift+Space, Extensions> Eneroth Tool Memory> Cycle Tools Backwards.
Exclude tools: The version 1.1.0 of Eneroth Tool Memory is the stratpoint of every user that can specify tools to exclude and it can be useful when users don’t want the tool stack to get filled with the tools which already have shortcuts. So they need to create a text file in the plugin’s directory, and then have to write the tool names which must be similar in the tool stack and separated by line breaks.

Users should keep in mind that Certain tools are not added to the tool stack; like the Texture Positioning Tool must be started from the context menu of a face. This tool can be activated without a reference to a face but it wouldn’t be useful and it will not act as a tool. While Camera tools such as Orbit and Zoom Window are not added by default as they can be added optionally though there will be risk in the stack.

It is a wonderful tool for developers as it can create and activate new tool objects than re-using existing objects. Tools whose constructors need parameters will not be reminded by this plugin as these tools are actually designed to be initialized in a certain way. So users make sure that the class of their tools can be supported by Eneroth Tool Memory and initialized without arguments.


Review of Eneroth Tool Memory

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