Sunday, August 28, 2016

How to create proxy grass in v-ray for sketchup

The following useful sketchup video tutorial is shared by W Design Corp. This tutorial is designed for advanced modelers as sound knowledge in modeling & sketchup materials is required. The tutorial sheds light on the detailed processes for creating realistic grass with the use of proxies in V-ray for SketchUp.

The tutorial is made in three different ways. For this purpose, 4 different sketchup plugins like 3D Tree Maker ( , Raytracer (, Chair Fullmer Tools ( and skatter ( are used.

V-Ray Proxy can control scene memory as well as renders significant amounts of geometry to improve detail and perplexity in scenes. V-Ray Proxy objects can be loaded and unloaded dynamically at render time, which saves huge RAM resources.

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Rajib Dey

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Generate 3d models easily with newest iphone based app called 3D Creationist

3D Creationist is the latest app useful for 3d modeling and 3d printing. One can use this app to create 3d models easily. This app supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The app contains a broad gallery of models which can be applied in your own designs.

There are different types of basic shapes like cube, sphere, cylinder, cone, donut etc. to produce any 3D models. The users can move, rotate and resize various shapes into the exact location and create anything ranging from the easiest design to the most complicated objects.

The section planes are mainly used to conceal parts of objects. Section Planes cut the view to preview objects and shapes backward other objects in your sketch. Besides, one can apply scenes to animate the cutting among the section planes.

Guidelines for working:

* Include some basic shapes to the stage, for instance a cube and a cone.
* Touch lightly on the shapes to make them active/inactive.
* Choose a perfect tool for what you want to accomplish Move, Rotate, Scale.
* Apply the arrows around the shape to control the object in the preferred direction.
* Choose a shape and move it on top of another shape to apply "cut"


- Drag your finger around the stage to rotate the camera.
- Pinch with "two" fingers to zoom the camera.
- Drag with "three" fingers to move the camera.

Future up-gradations:

- Lots of new shapes and 3d printable models
- Make 3D text with your preferred font
- Undo and Redo operations
- Distribute video playbacks of your creative process
- Bending objects
- Animating your 3D models
- Draw an outline and a 3D model is generated of it (extrusion)

Link for download

Generate 3d models easily with newest iphone based app called 3D Creationist

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Rajib Dey