Monday, May 31, 2010

SCULPTRIS - A 3D modeling application

It is new awesome sculpting software similar to zbrush and mudbox applied for easy 3D sketching. The software is created by Tomas Petterson, alias DrPetter.

It has features like subdividing geometry (triangle based), automatically created UVmaps alongwith painting colors, bumps and alpha blended materials, dynamic mesh tessellation etc.

Downloadable link

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Venice City in Italy now available in 3D View in Google Earth

The latest addition on Google Earth is the inclusion of the famous city Venice, Italy in 3D. One can now experience all the buildings and cities of Venice in 3D with a stunning view.

The world’s most popular tourist spot, the sunken city is also live in Google Earth with 3D view. One can take a virtual tour from train station (Venezia Santa Lucia) ending to Campo Santa Margherita.

You can also view the newly constructed ‘fourth bridge’ (Ponte della Costituzione) or Rialto Bridge (Ponte di Rialto).

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Virtually Experience the New York's 9/11 Memorial in Google Earth

Google Earth with it’s virtual tourism features build an interactive dimensionally accurate 3D model of the 9/11 Memorial and Museum(which is under construction) to create a virtual look at the World Trade Center at the 16-acre site. One can view a tour of the memorial online alongwith all unforgettable and heartbreaking details. Users will able to pan over the entire 16-acre site of the eight-acre Memorial and feel the sensation of the emerald green leaves of the 400 swamp white oak trees on the plaza. You can even glance at the glass atrium of the Museum Pavilion to get a overview of the two seven-story-tall steel tridents.

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3D Graphic Model for Stockholm City in Google Earth

Stockholm city, the capital of sweeden, is newly included in the 3D building layer of Google Earth. Google also launches a video to showcase the 3D models for the city in Google Earth. One can also get Google Earth view in google maps.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Model your larger project with ViewBuild

ViewBuild is a real time 3D software which can be utilized to convert traditional building design, architectural floor plans, sketches and schematics into photo-realistic images or 3D models. The software can provide better designed buildings with real time walkthrough and visualization. The software allows viewing a project before it is actually built. The software also adds colour, materials, furniture and landscaping to generate an ideal 3D model.

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SketchUp, the other name of comfort & confidence for Landscape designers at urban planning & design:

Urban planning & design is an exceptional job:

Urban planning & design is a continuous process. It is not that kind of work which can be finished in a certain period. Rather we can say, urban planning & design is an exceptional & at the same time, it is a responsible job for the landscape designers who are allotted for designing an urban area. Responsible in the sense a huge people’s necessity, priority, comfort etc. are almost attached with an urban planning.

An industry grown up based on remodeling of cities:

Now renewal of cities becomes a trend. That’s why an industry has already grown up based on this trend and has made a popular business depending on the landscape designers who actually plan & design for the urban cities, sociable places and higher standard of living.

Perfect combination of ideal designers & software:

The above idealism about landscape designers or about urban planning or both can take a perfect shape in real when sophisticated software is used by the landscape designers.

SketchUp, a 3D design software program:

SketchUp is that 3D design software program which enables the industry to go forward easily. It is the tool by which an architect provides a dream city with all its basic traits along with remodeled surroundings. Through SketchUp a designer can easily understand how the project is going to look & the hygienic process is yet to be maintained or not.

New ideas make a project complicated:

In case of planning an urban city or its roadway or highway or something else related to it, landscape designers are continuously bringing new ideas, new conceptions & new kind of construction. As a result, the project becomes very much complicated. To revise or review that complicated plan they need a 3D textured model through which they can easily make sure themselves about their planning & find out the error in a primary stage.

SketchUp removes the complication:

SketchUp is very useful in that case as it provides clear dimension of a planning and makes simple the complicated planning to the clients, professionals, engineers, architects or any individuals. Using such user-friendly software, you can save your valuable time. Moreover, finding errors in primary stage it saves your hard-earned money also.

User-friendly SketchUp makes designers comfortable:

Metropolitan cities are most complex among an urban area for planning. Designers must care about various sections of a metro city. Here also SketchUp is just beside you with all its user-friendliness. When a designer is going to make a plan he must not worry about the technical process of handling software, rather he can save his time & concentrate in his planning & design.

Combination of symbolic gesture & remodeling effect:

When an architect designs for an urban area he must be conscious about the original fragrance of the city. He should design a plan which will carry that fragrance. Through SketchUp he can easily check out whether the fragrance is present in the model designed by him. Besides this, through SketchUp he can easily visualize what kind of image the city will take up in future after remodeling & how it is going to look with the combination of its symbolic gesture & remodeling effect.

SketchUp provides comfort & confidence:

Various social issues must be maintained at time of remodeling an urban area. Applying SketchUp you can easily visualize how the issues will fit on your planning. SketchUp almost helps you visualize the upcoming model which you have already built using also that SketchUp. In brief, we can say, from the beginning to an end of a project, SketchUp almost remains just beside you & provides the feeling of comfort & confidence.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Cheetah 3D

Cheetah3D is a powerful computer graphics program that works on Mac OS X platform. It is written in Cocoa and applied for advanced 3D modelling, rendering and animation.
Cheetah3D includes some advanced tools like antialiasing, raytraced shadows, depth of field, HDRI, ambient occlusion, caustics lighting, soft shadowing and photon-mapped caustics.
Besides supporting simple animation like spline-based camera paths and targeted objects it also provides skeletal deformations, morph targets, and subdivision surfaces.

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Keep your mind imaginative & SketchUp will transform this in real through Digital Animation:

What is digital animation?
Digital animation is an art of creating moving images with the help of some special software. Animation which is essentially a digital successor is very much famous now- a- days. Mainly some block bluster Hollywood films & movies make it popular around the whole world. But not only Hollywood, India is also dealing with such software to make some extra-ordinary films & so on.
Use of digital animation:
Cinema, cartoon films, documentary, fiction movies, add films everywhere we can see the vast use of digital animation. Even in a typical commercial Hindi cinema, producers are often providing huge money for such animation. As a result any ordinary movies becomes some extra-ordinary by the touch of digital animation. And all this happens in real because of some specific software.
Activities of some software for digital animation: There are some special software which can easily produce animation of 3D models & frame by frame animation of 2D illustrations. For 3D animations, objects (models) are built on the computer monitor (modeled) and 3D figures are rigged with a virtual skeleton. For 2D figure animations, separate objects (illustrations) and separate transparent layers are used, with or without a virtual skeleton. Then the limbs, eyes, mouth, clothes, etc. of the figure are moved by the animator on key frames.
SketchUp used for digital animation:
SketchUp is the name of such software which can easily produce whatever you want. Or we can say that any kind of digital animation is easily generated by SketchUp. This software can be considered ‘the pencil of digital design’. It combines a series of tools that simplify your life by practically presenting such features which were only remaining in your mind. That means SketchUp makes your dream come truth.
Software like SketchUp helpful for intellectuals:
While a director imagined his hero with a pair of wings just like a bird he even can present him in front of the audience through his films with help of such sophisticated software like SketchUp. He can easily present a gorilla with unnatural activity but looked just like an original. Even the emotion like a human being is almost exposed on that animal that is nothing but a digital animation. And again we have to say, these are only possible because of such extra-ordinary software. Future India will glamorize the whole world:
With the rapid adoption of animation & digitalization in all sectors, the Indian digital animation industry is sure to take a big leap in future. According to this, we can hope that the whole prospectus of Indian industry will rapidly & positively move forward. And at SketchUp 4 Architect, we will almost remain your friend, philosopher & guide with all our glamorous activities.

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Sketchup Download

Sketchup Quick Reference

There are some short cut keys that will be very helpful for sketchup users to make the 3D modeling process simple and smooth.

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Google Sketchup Course

Everybody must go through the following link to get a brief overview of sketchup functionality

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Friday, May 21, 2010

SketchUcation Extensions Index

SketchUcation Extensions Index is a database of existing sketchup plug-ins. One can freely download the plug-ins from the SketchUcation Community Forums.

more information

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Virtualwind is a software ideal for sustainable building design. It is used for 3D wind flow modeling, simulation and visualization to make out wind flow Phenomenon in urban, suburban and rural environments.

The software is compatible with Sketchup, Google 3D Warehouse and Google Earth.
downloadable link

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ICEvision is web-based platform-neutral plug-in for google sketchup pro and used for real-time interactive fly-throughs . It is also compatible with Revit, 3DS Max, Auto CAD Architecture, ICE, 20/20 Giza studio etc. By applying this plug-in the sketchup users can easily share their models with any audience.

downloadable link

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This plug-in features with advanced visualization functionality and can be utilized to visualize the sketchup 3D models in your computer desktop directly. In order to use this plug-in with personal computer one has to attach a webcam and a printed code to the software.

downloadable link

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It is a tool widely used in flawless urban design. The tool is incorporated with Google sketchup. The user can utilize the tool to make different variants of urban design.

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SimLab 3D PDF exporter

By utilizing this plug-in one can transform the 3D files to good quality 3D PDF files within sketchup environment. One can also export the scenes from sketchup and also include background music to 3D PDF.

downloadable link

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With this plug-in one is able to generate a scale model of anything like vehicle, trees or other items with different textures and colours for his design and get the models prepared for 3D printing.

The plug-in is very much useful for architectural visualization of home, interior etc.

downloadable link

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This sketchup plug-in is mostly used for making files for 3D printing. One can easily create solid, 3D printable geometry from SketchUp model with this plug-in. The Plugin also contains various tools to smooth the process of creating a model for 3D printing.

downloadable link

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Your 3D buildings will now update their location automatically

As Google refines the accuracy of their maps, they sometimes have to shift the base imagery a little bit to have it line up properly. If a 3D model is on that imagery, it will suddenly be misaligned relative to the ground below it.


Sketchup for Film & Stage Visualization

The following case studies have been submitted by SketchUp users whose work is representative of SketchUp in Pre-Visualization

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Moviestorm Lets You Make 3D Animated Movies on your Home Computer

Moviestorm is a fun app that allows you to make 3D animated movies on your home computer, without having to know complicated 3D modeling software. Really, Moviestorm is essentially a complete virtual movie studio, that takes you through the whole process of making a “film” – from script to screen. The software lets you create sets and characters, direct, shoot and edit your movies, and once your masterpiece has been completed, you can share them with others online.

for more information

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Student’s award-winning project shines in senior exhibition

Matthew Wang ’10, one of the 20 students artists participated in the exhibition of studio art majors’ culminating works, redesigned the Pageant Soloveev gallery in Philadelphia for his senior thesis.

Wang’s honors thesis project on display contains a proposed floor plan sketch, building model and digital animation for a renovated art gallery.

Wang created an attractive and modern building design, with floor-to-ceiling windows on three of the gallery’s four floors, as well as a spiral staircase connecting the third floor’s covered balcony to a rooftop deck. A giant “607” and “Pageant Soloveev” for the gallery’s address and name, respectively, draws the eye to the front wall of the building.

Wang used Google’s Sketchup modeling program for digital animation in order to give an impressive floor-by-floor composition of how the building would actually look in addition to where all the rooms would be.

Rajib Dey

LEDAS Releases Driving Dimensions Version 1.3 for Google SketchUp

Ledas Limited launched version 1.3 of its Driving Dimensions plug-in for Google SketchUp software, a toolset for parametric modification of history-free 3D models. This plug-in will be helpful for sketchup users for speeding up their designing.

It is compatible with Google SketchUp version 6 and 7.1, and is tested on the 32-bit versions Windows XP, Vista, and 7 including Mac OS X 10.6. Driving Dimensions version 1.3 is based on the latest version of LGS 3D, a geometric constraint solver integrated into a dozen commercial CAD packages.

All sketchup users can add more than 25 driving dimensions to one model. The commercial licence will be cost $45. All customers who bought the licenses during last year may upgrade to version 1.3 free of charge.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SketchUp Library is not luxurious, it is essential

Necessity of library motivated the idea of software library:

There are lots of costly books which most of the students can not afford but these are very necessary for them. That’s why a library becomes obvious to a society. A library can easily solve this problem by providing the books or information to the readers.

Money & finance should not be a hindrance for gaining knowledge. Based on this primary ideology, software library has come forth in real. Its significance & importance is very prominent in such a fast age while people are so busy. Even they have no time for going to a library or like that. In that case software library makes all things easier & available to the people in a few minutes. We can solve our problem or make our business faster just sitting in our living room or at the time of traveling through this library.

How SketchUp being a software library helps you:

SketchUp Library is the name of such a software library mentioned above. Now “Globalization” is a common term by which everything is changing very rapidly. At SketchUp library, we enable you to be perfectly fitted in that globalize industry. Moreover, we genuinely save your lots of time & money, and that is the first condition of being a library. You can utilize this time & money in another project.

We are specialized in creating 3D design with sketchup. And in order to simplify the 3D design process we have created some extensive libraries for sketchup. These are: Landscape Architecture Library, Architecture Library, Construction Library, Film & Stage Library, Animation Library, Woodworking Library etc.

Our main focus is to help sketchup users to download models from our integrated collections & to add these models to their project at free of cost. At SketchUp Library, they can easily find out their desired models.

You can even create movies with the component or models kept safely in SketchUp library quickly at free of cost.

Various distinct features & models like swimming pool, park, field, residence, props, road, highway, avenue, door, landscape etc. are almost available here at free of cost.

Clients can enhance scenes with male & female figures by this library & go beyond the flat 2D characters by adding perfectly posed people to any environment.

Even more, you can design your office or house by multiple 3D models or architectural accessories kept in such a library. Here you will find sofas, windows, doors, illumination accessories & so on.

Briefly, in such a competitive era while everyone should be technically advanced, you always find SketchUp Library just beside you. Our quick & free of cost service enable you to progress successfully. And with you the whole generation will go ahead.

Rajib Dey

How SketchUp helpful for Architect

About Architect:
Architects are those who primarily make a plan for building construction. It can be a single family home construction or even a mixed-used residential tower or a shopping mall. So it is clear that an architect works on a small to a large scale of a construction. In that case, he often has to face various types of complexities.

About SketchUp:
In such a condition, he needs the help of SketchUp. Sketchup is a program developer used for the conceptual stages of design. Basically it combines the naturalness & accurateness of pencil drawings with the flexibility of today’s digital camera & almost produces stylish & speedy 3D model.

How SketchUp helpful for Architect: . As architect’s designs are plan oriented, SketchUp is very helpful in that case. Sketchup turns architect’s idea or pencil drawings into 3D model which makes their thought just realistic. It is a surface modeler which visualizes designs & obviously makes the architects confident enough about their drawings.

SketchUp helps architects explore options early enough to make a real difference. Its powerful shadow engine allows them to understand how day lighting, shading & passive solar issues are impacted by their design decisions in real time.

Architects use SketchUp for:
♦ “Sketching” 3D building models to win projects
♦ 3D “walk-through”
♦ Design presentations
♦ Massing model development
♦ Urban planning and design
♦quickly create realistic buildings, massing models, street furniture, utilities, cars, people, terrain, pretty much anything in 3D

How we serve in this field:

At SketchUp 4 Architect, we work on SketchUp using some software & plug-ins. From simple to complex, conceptual to practical, we enable the architects to build, modify & view the 3D models quickly, easily & accurately. In short, we present a visual effect of a model primarily drawn on a paper. Through this process client can easily understand how the construction is going to look.

We use SketchUp as a tool to work in architect’s design process & to create anyone’s dream house. Architects can move a wall or adjust the pitch of a roof and interactively adjust an entire project. Briefly, we just make your dream come truth.

We enable architects to generate outstanding designs in a limited budget. Most importantly, our on time delivery makes ourselves glorify in this competitive world.

Our practicality & versatility, simplicity & user-friendly interface; & obviously our integrity with a robust tool set make the architect confident & sure for modeling fast & efficiently.

Rajib Dey

A Small but significant Software Program named “Plug-in”

About Plug-in & its application:
You can easily rely on Plug-in, a small software computer program, for the betterment of your model or project. It is also called as plug-in, add- in, addin, addon, add-on, snap-in or snapin. And “Plug-ins” is just plural of “Plug-in”.
From these names we can idealize a concept about its application & significance. Plug-in is a software component that adds features to another application. In brief, this component plugs into the application. For example, some web pages can only be displayed in a browser that has particular plug-in.

Plug-in’s great effect on I.T:
Plug-in appeared as early as the mid 1970s. It helps the user to work with the most advanced applications hosted by the respective websites. The usage of plug-in has revolutionized the technological advancement in the field of information technology.

Helping hand of software developers:
Plug-in basically extends the capability of a larger program or maintains the overall effect of a program. Software developers can use the following plug-in frameworks to add plug-in capability to their application: C++, Delphi, Java, Python etc.

Various Plug-in used in different purposes:
There are different types of plug-ins which are used in different purposes as:
The Integrated Environmental Solutions VE SketchUp plug-in (IES VE SketchUp Plug-in) allows you to assign important sustainable design information like location, building type, room type, construction types and HVAC systems to a SketchUp model and then import it directly into an IES tool for analysis, without having to re-build any geometry.
Open Studio is a free plug-in for the Google SketchUp 3D drawing program. Plug-in makes it easy to create and edit the building geometry in your EnergyPlus input files. The plug-in also allows you to launch EnergyPlus simulations and view the results without leaving SketchUp.
This plug-in almost allows you to mix EnergyPlus simulation content with decorative content such as background images, landscaping, people, and architectural finish details—all within the same SketchUp model.
IRender nXt is a new, fully integrated plug-in for Google SketchUp to create photo realistic renderings & animations directly from your SketchUp model. It defines lights, materials, reflection & other properties in the SketchUp model.
How different features of SketchUp plug-in is useful
• 3D Paint Brush is exciting 3D software that provides photo-realistic rendering quality for your 3D assets; it adds background & environment; adjusts light settings; it also helps scale/ copy/ paste/ move/ show/ delete the parts of the 3D model.
• Arc Gis Explorer is a free downloadable application that offers an easy way to access online GIS content & capabilities. And this plug-in enables Arc GIS professionals to create & visualize highly-detailed 3D models based on their GIS data.
• e-drawing publisher is an add-on to SketchUp that allows designers to export their models to e-drawings format. e-drawings models can be placed into an executable containing the viewer & the design data so that the recipients do not need to install or purchase any software to view the model.
• Hypercosm Teleporter for SketchUp keeps design unchangeable.

There are many other features like Artlantis for SketchUp, Render Plus system, ProjectSketch, SU Animated etc which provide a certain, usually very specific function ‘on demand’.

Some specific functions of Plug-in:
• Email clients use plug-ins to decrypt and encrypt email (Pretty Good Privacy) or to send oversized email attachments (Globalscape Mail Express)
• Graphics software use plug-ins to support file formats and process images (Adobe Photoshop)
• Media players use plug-ins to support file formats and apply filters (foobar2000, GStreamer, Quintessential, VST, Winamp, XMMS)
• Microsoft Office uses plug-ins (better known as add-ins) to extend the capabilities of its application by adding custom commands and specialized features
• Packet sniffers use plug-ins to decode packet formats (OmniPeek)
• Remote sensing applications use plug-ins to process data from different sensor types (Opticks)
• Rockbox, a firmware for digital audio players, can use plug-ins, for example: play games, use the text editor
• Software development environments use plug-ins to support programming languages (Eclipse, jEdit, MonoDevelop)
• Web browsers use plug-ins to play video and presentation formats (Flash, QuickTime, Microsoft Silverlight, 3DMLW)
• Some digital mixing consoles allow plug-ins to extend features such as reverberation effects, equalization and compression.
• Some Web content management systems use plug-ins to increase functionality.

Rajib Dey

SketchUp makes you self- reliant for planning a site Design

We need some tools to present us perfect quickly:

The world is literally running. And the people are taking part in that rat race. We have no time; or rather say, we have no time for wasting. Each second is valuable for us.
Moreover, everyone wants to present oneself just perfect. But we can’t spare more time for preparing ourselves. In that case we need some tools which enable us to be just perfect in a short period. SketchUp is such a tool which can easily produce what we actually want.

About SketchUp:

SketchUp is 3D designed software for architects, civil engineers, filmmakers, game developers, and related professions. It is designed to be easier to use than other 3D CAD programs.

SketchUp was first released in August 2000 as a general purpose 3D content creation tool, with the tagline "3D for Everyone".
The program won a Community Choice Award at its first tradeshow in 2000.

SketchUp is a software program that allows us to draw what we want. It provides the feel and freedom of working with pen and paper in a simple and elegant interface. It is fun to use and easy to learn. It enables you to play with your designs in a way that is not possible with traditional design software.
No need of spare money for an architect:
A house exhibits a mental, traditional & cultural status of a family. In case of planning a house, these qualities are only explored quite perfectly by a family member of this house. SketchUp enables one to present the taste through making a house by oneself. You don’t need a professional architect for designing your house. Only you can justify your requirements & save your money also.
SketchUp makes you self-reliant:
You can sketch a model on a paper & transform it as a 3D textured model by the user-friendly SketchUp. You can check out multiple options through it. And this multiple view can give you a conception of the future construction. Even you can change the planning before its construction is completed in real.
These all are almost truth in case of any official construction, housing complex, shopping mall & so on.
SketchUp helps you plan according to your lifestyle:
To build a new house does not mean that you have to radically change your lifestyle to cope up with the fashionable planning of your house; rather it means, new house-planning must be matched with your lifestyle. SketchUp helps you plan according to your lifestyle. At the beginning of the planning, you can understand that if your dream house will make you comfortable or not.
SketchUp is just your friend, philosopher & guide:
During a process, any flaw at the initial concept is brought to light. That means expensive mistakes are just avoidable through SketchUp.
When you design your own house you have more freedom to design whatever you want. At that stage SketchUp becomes your friend, philosopher & guide. Only using this software you can easily plan a site design for a construction in a very low budget.

Rajib Dey