Friday, April 27, 2012

Product Connect plugin for Google SketchUp

Igloo Studios released Product Connect plugin for Google SketchUp facilitating designers, architects and product makers to make eye catching sketchup presentations made with their sketchup model to be sold quickly to the clients. Product Connect plugin empower the designers to reorganize the selection and specification process for the product design by adding or editing product information for any sketchup component.

Product Connect plugin is compatible with manufacturer brander product catalogs and standard product models available on Google 3D warehouse in addition to any component you produce from scratch.

Product Connect plugin

After completing the design, the designer can put it with product connect enabled components and export the organized product schedules and information as a set of industry standard reports, in .csv format. Product reports including product lists can be taken in construction document set and be edited to generate pricing estimate and place and manage orders.

A new version of Product Connect is now available for download from the Igloo Studios website. The new version makes it even easier to design with real products as it contains numerous product models .

In order to enable any sketchup component for Product Connect, contact Igloo Studios for upgrading existing components.

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How Sketchup model can be used for mobile application

Google is thinking to launch some application to make interactive SU models and show them off in iPad or Android. But the idea is totally in primary stage.

Some months ago Limitless Computing Inc.®, a provider of 3D mobile Augmented Reality, released SightSpace 3D for Android customers. It is the only mobile Augmented Reality application for Google SketchUp™. It is accessible for the Android Market @r $14.99.

SightSpace 3D facilitates observation of Google SketchUp designs on Android devices with Augmented Reality capabilities which superimpose digital models over prevailing physical environments. Stereoscopic 3D is accessible at the time of using Augmented Reality wearing 3D glasses.

There are also some third party applications which can help users to upload 3D models to their mobile devices.

Babel3D contains a supporting application for 3D visualization on mobile devices known as Glovius, accessible on both iOS and Android based devices (including tablets). The users will be able to open large 3D model files and assemblies with sizes well away from the limitations imposed by current mobile devices. One can get the applications for free on the Apple App Store and in the Android Market.

The application is compatible with SketchUp, 3DS, OBJ, STEP, IGES, JT, and other professional CAD formats like SolidWorks, Catia, Pro/E, Inventor, and NX.

The application supports display of annotations (right now, only for JT), and section planes alongside the standard three ortho-normal directions. The users get the ability to interact with the model applying the touch interface - pinch to zoom, single finger drag to rotate, two finger drag to pan, and double tap on the screen to reset the model. The user will also be able to save and email snapshots from within the app.

The potential user may connect to Babel3D from within these mobile apps and download the files converted to the mobile optimized file format directly on the device, and these can then be visualized on the app.

Walkabout3d Mobile

It is a newly launched user-friendly application for the iPhone facilitating SketchUp users to create and view the scenes of their designs directly on an iPhone and allocate the view of their design ideas to their clients.

The users can freely download WalkAbout3d Mobile in the iPhone App Store and is well-matched with the Trial version of WalkAbout3d.

The users can just click on the "Generate Panorama" button to produce the panoramic views while walk through a SketchUp design and categorize and illustrate each one to be demonstrated within the iPhone app.   
The users will be capable of discovering the accurate location of each panoramic view on a map view within the app by geo-referencing a SketchUp model within SketchUp. All location details will be placed into Walkabout3d mechanically.

Allocation of scenes is performed by uploading the panorama project to webspace as per your requirement, and a "user account system" is available on the WalkAbout3d website providing users an simple way to get and distribute their WalkAbout3d Mobile projects from.

A tutorial demonstrating the workflow for generating the panoramic views in WalkAbout3d is accessible here.

Down load the app here

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sketchup ur Space: April issue

As the April issue of Sketchup ur Space has launched, almost everybody has got his copy. This edition of the online magazine has a clear cover which denotes the contents. We know that SketchUp is a unique tool and the magazine which is totally deals with it also a unique magazine. This is considered as the biggest resource of SketchUp on the web. One who is starting to use SketchUp will be benefitted from it as well as the proficient. From this magazine the users can get every kind of help in form of tutorial, case study, show case image, news, update and many more.

This time they are focusing on the ultimate guide of learning SketchUp and to enhance our skill. The toughest job of SketchUp has become easy with the help of the tutorials. It is the step by step guidelines of a process of modeling or rendering to attain the perfection of the 3D modeling. So a render is the friend, philosopher and guide in true sense. That’s why they are trying to concentrate on this inevitable part of SketchUp by which you will get flawless 3D model.

In the April issue of Sketchup ur Space, there are much more surprises for you. Virgo Oktaviano shows his skill in the making of warm corner. They are introduced Alexandre “abav” Villares from this edition as the regular guest columnist. He is joining the league of Jim Leggitt and Nomer Adona. His first gift for us is the tutorial “Draw a stair using the ‘multiple copies’ feature!” Hope that you will love his input like our previous articles. Jim Leggitt shows his unmatchable style in SketchUp Digital Watercolor - Science Atrium. And Nomer Adona’s column in Tips and Tricks category deals with Tutorial: Visualization Composition Series #1 Rule of Thirds.

If you till not have your copy of Sketchup ur Space then please go and grab it soon. It is your best friend of 3D modeling.