Friday, August 27, 2010

Street View Imagery added to Building Maker

Google recently create some vital updates for Building Maker. From now one can add street view photos to texture the sides of your buildings model. With this new feature the buildings will look much better in a higher resolution and with more realism. One is also able to use imagery directly from Street View on Google Maps!
Besides the new updates, Building Maker is now available in six new cities:• Edinburgh, United Kingdom• Florence, Italy• Vienna, Austria• Pittsburgh, PA, United States• Santa Cruz, CA, United States• Riverside, CA, United States.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

eDrawings professional for Autodesk Inventor v8.0

Geometric Limited launched the release of eDrawings Professional, the first email facilitated collaboration tool set to simplify the sharing and explanation of 2D & 3D product design data, for Autodesk Inventor version 8.0 with support for Autodesk Inventor 2011.
This is a plug-in for Autodesk Inventor which lets users to publish Autodesk Inventor files in read only view and ultra compact (upto 95% compression) eDrawings files for visualization, collaboration and design review.
The plug-in is also compatible with Pro/ENGINEER, CATIA V5, NX, Autodesk Inventor, Solid Edge, Google SketchUp including STEP/IGES/STL and DWG/DXF files

for downloading free 15 day trial

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SimLab SketchUp Import Plug-in for 3ds Max 1.0

With this plug-in the sketchup users can avail various high quality free sketchup models from 3D warehouse and apply them with 3DS Max to give an artistic touch to the 3D scene. Besides the plug-in has the ability to allocate advanced materials, geometry and textures to 3D studio alongwith 3DS objects.
The plug-in can also generate advanced high quality rendering for sketchup models in 3D studio environment.
SimLab SketchUp Import Plugin is compatible with windows vista and windows XP operating system and it supports Autodesk 3D Studio Mac 2009 and 2010.
For non commercial applicatioin the plug-in is free but in order to apply for commercial purpose the user should possess a licence from SimLab Soft. The users can purchase a single license alongwith two activation codes to run the plug-in on your Desktop and NoteBook

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sketchup4architect Going To Launch E-Magazine on Sketchup

Kolkata, India, August 24, 2010 – proudly announces launching of an online magazine ‘Sketch up ur Space’, exclusively deals with the Google Sketchup on 6th September. This hi-tech E-magazine will surely create a wave among the Sketchup fans of all over the world by providing them necessary helps and sharing the knowledge on it.
A magazine is a store house of all kind of information. It will definitely become a piazza for the peer group for communicating. is a renowned web site exclusively deals with various fields of Sketchup and always keeps exploring its different new sides for betterment. Over 2 years of experience in this 3D designing field, lends its hand to the newbie designers and the expert of Sketchup by launching ‘Sketch up ur Space’.
On this magazine, there are articles, blog, video tutorial, tips and tricks and many more things on Sketchup. This informative magazine will have a stylish look in flash version. is very careful while choosing the proper and authentic information. Anyone looking for a career on 3D design will definitely get help from it. The experts on Sketchup from worldwide also share their knowledge and experience on ‘Sketch up ur Space’. With a committed and dedicated group of writers and editor, is ready to launch the first edition of this exclusive magazine.
For further information, may be contacted online www.

Global Associates,
P-100, Block A, Lake Town
Kolkata, India
Zip – 700 089
Telephone – 866-493-4944

eDrawings plugin for Google SketchUp

With eDrawings the sketchup users will be in a position to share & review their models in read-only self executable format(.exe) that includes the viewer and the design data in a Web browser not including any other supporting software.
eDrawings disable measurement and STL export in addition to password protection. This features will facilitate the sketchup users to make control over their design information.
eDrawings for sketchup is compatible with Google SketchUp 5.0 (Free/Professional), Google SketchUp 6.0 (Free/Professional), Google SketchUp 7.0 (Free/Professional). It supports the platform for Windows® Vista & XP/2000.
eDrawings files can also be saved as HTML files for sharing on your websites and intranets.
You can also convert your eDrawings models to HTML format that can be kept on a Web server. Use Internet Explorer to see the models in the browser
To share a model, the plug-in should be downloaded and installed first. The model owner should also have to choose whether to convert the SketchUp model to a stand-alone executable (.exe) file, or to HTML format for sharing on a web server.

downloadable link

BIM and Sketchup – Compliment to each other

SketchUp has a parametric platform and can be used as a standalone BIM/ CAD tool on projects. After completing 2D shop drawing, it can be transformed into 3D using sketchup
To optimize the construction sequencing 3D sketchup model can be merged with Oracle Primavera P6 to produce true 4D schedule.
As for example you can visually illustrate the concrete wall pour schedule to the sub-contractors with the following procedure:-
At first import your shop drawing into Google SketchUp and then create a model from it. Then import the sketchup model to Oracle Primavera P6 schedule into Synchro. Now both the schedule and model will be merged to generate a 4th dimensional schedule.
Today an open source document like sketchup comes up with the ability to model, illustrate and animate the construction process as quickly as possible. The software also can create visualization of construction material with rendering effect.
One can also form a massing model in sketchup and transform them into building elements with the help of building maker capability in Revit Building.
The sketchup has a great 3D modeling interface with which it can allocate characteristics to objects in the design process. This feature will facilitate construction professionals to characterize zones and assign thermal characteristics to elements in their models.
Energy feedback during conceptual designThe IES VE SketchUp plug-in generates sustainable design information that includes location, building and room type, construction types and HVAC systems to their SketchUp model. These sketchup models can be imported directly the IES analysis tool, without having to re-build any geometry.

Monday, August 23, 2010

SketchUp 5 Architecture Library 1.0

Sketchup Architecture library contains a huge collection of 3D architectural accessories models which include sofas, windows and doors, laptops, illumination accessories and many more.
By applying this component one can produce and modify 3D models right from the conceptual design stage.
This library is free and can be downloaded from Google Sketchup’s web site. Once the download is completed the user will receive an executable (.exe) file to run on your computer. After that you will be followed by a wizard to complete the installation process. On completion of the installation process the user has to add the Components dialog box of the Google Sketchup. In order to perform this just click the “Details” arrow and choose “Open or Create a library” option on the pop-up menu. A dialog box will guide you to browse through the disk. Proceed with the Components folder on the Program files -> Google -> Google Sketchup 6 path, and select Architecture.

V-ray for Sketchup

Chaos Group created this powerful rendering plug-in. The plug-in is easily compatible with sketchup. The sketchup users can have the ability to visualize their models and incorporate the task of rendering within their current workflows with highest quality and realism. This leads to production of photo realistic and high quality images.

V-ray contains a robust set of global illumination(GI) and ray-tracing features with V-Ray Sun, V-Ray Sky, and Sampling levels which aid the users to set up lighting smoothly for the complete scene. The software also contains additional features like shaders, camera effects and changing of frame buffer.

Besides, this software comes up with three different image sampling methods known as full-scene antialiasing, progressive path tracing and support for additional render elements (diffuse, reflection, GI, etc).

The software also provides advanced color (tone) mapping controls extensible with custom image samplers all the way through the V-Ray SDK.

There are so many versions for V-ray:-

V-Ray for SketchUp 6 1.0

V-Ray for SketchUp 1.4

V-Ray for SketchUp Academic 1.4

V-Ray for SketchUp 7 1.0

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Sketchup4architect sketchup download sketchup library

Saturday, August 21, 2010

CADspan plugin for Sketchup

With the help of CADspan plugin the sketchup users are able to generate solid, 3D printable geometry(STL files) from SketchUp model to perform a virtual 'shrink-wrap' . Files can be forwarded directly to the web application through the plugin.
The STL file is considered to be a single solid object available for 3D printing.
Cadspan Pro will make use of exported drawings from Sketchup, Revit, ArchiCAD, Rhino, 3dStudioMax, Bentley and others to produce files that will print on numerous 3D printing machines.
There is also a CADspan's 3D print thickness calculator that will figure out the proper amount of adjustment needed to make a model perfect for 3D printing.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Book Shelf Rendering

Please click the following link to download

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Sketchup Mechanical Layout

Google Sketchup Pro comes with a separate program known as LayOut that empowers you to “layout” your designs into presentable documents with unlimited flexibility and revisions.

With LayOut one can Import 2D views of drawings, CAD plans, photos, aerial imagery and other information. Then with the help of modeling tools in SketchUp Pro transform your ideas into 3D and make professional design documents, dimensioned drawings, process graphics, engineering details and presentations from your 3D models.

With LayOut you will be in a position to add text, dimensions and 2D elements to your 3D models for showing interactive presentations. Revise your model in SketchUp Pro and the alterations will automatically be updated in LayOut.

LayOut provides the added advantage to have the ability for using some title block templates to create documents (permit and construction drawings, presentation documents and full-screen digital presentations) easily for construction purpose.

LayOut facilitates you to create documents with many pages containing photographs, title blocks, notes and more. Paper and digital presentations are also possible from SketchUp models.

Layout also reduce the amount of time for composing and updating 2-D presentations as it can embed models in 2D projects rather exporting them as images.

Layout also allows for easy scaling, dividing and aligning of components.

Rajib Dey

Google Earth Enterprise 4.0

Google team has released Google Earth Enterprise 4.0 (GEE 4.0) with some new features convenient for the enterprise environment. With this new release all geospatial data will be exposed publicly with GEE.

GEE 4.0 introduces a new feature that facilitates authenticated end users to download the required data from the cloud as well as all imagery, terrain, vectors, KMLs and search -- and supply the data locally from their own laptops or other storage devices by means of a native, cross-platform, light-weight Portable Earth System.

GEE lets you create 2D Google Maps or 3D Google Earth globes with the accessible GIS system to add value to the stored data. GEE creates a network for terabytes of imagery and terrain data, vector layers with to your POI, road data and live data streams.

GEE comes with mobile client for Android devices to connect to the enterprise data set based on the regular Google Earth app obtainable in the Android Marketplace to provide direct connections to the customers’ globes for getting a view of their organization's 3D globe.

GEE provides mobile based access to Google Earth data in situations where an internet connection is unavailable to users. The users will be in a position to

GEE also support new Earth 5.2, with its features, like elevation profiles, native MGRS support, client-side data regionation, and new embedded web-browser.

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Sketchup and Manga Studio

Manga Studio an intuitive 2D application for comic and manga creation for professional comic and manga artists.

With the cutting edge drawing and coloring tools of this software aspiring comic, intermediate and hobby artists get the ability to create their own high quality manga and comic art with filters and special effects.

This software is very helpful for those who regularly work with the books or a chapter of a book as it comes with a rich library of Vector balloons easily editable and resizable. Each Balloon includes a text, and balloon tails that can be extended from it and makes editing more simple. You can also add dialog with these built-in word balloons.

Manga Studio contains over over 550 built-in 3D Objects, One can import these 3D objects and position, rotate and adjust them on your page quickly. By applying the 3DLT rendering function one can Convert them to line and tone data and set them as backgrounds and props for their drawings. One can create a background with the help of sketchup and import the file as a 3D material.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vue 8 Frontier - Perfect Intro to the World of 3D

E-on Software has launched upgraded version of Vue software called Vue 8 Frontier. The software is ideal for landscape creation with beautiful, natural 3D landscapes.

The software can run as a plug-in for any of the most important 3D suites like Sketchup, Maya and Lightwave3D.

The software contains features like 3D sculpting terrain editor, zones and brush effects; Spectral 3 clouds; display enhancements and separate displacement channel etc.

With a few mouse clicks the users can create & render more realistic scenic nature and poser character alongwith fractal-generated terrains, water planes, trees, clouds and soft skies.

The application of Vue is mostly found in the architecture, animation/special effects, broadcast and advertising industries. Many leading companies (Weta Digital, ILM, Disney), hollywood studios, blockbuster movies and CG productions are using Vue to generate matte paintings, landscape visualizations and many other high-end computer graphics. The software with it’s unique 3D capabilities provides the environmental realism to a great extent.

Rajib Dey

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sketchup with energy modeling

Sketch is a great tool for architects and engineers to figure out the energy performance of a building early in the design stage.

Sketchup contains IES VE plug-ins(VE-Ware, VE-Toolkits VE-Gaia and VE-Pro) which facilitates sustainable & energy-efficient building design by analyzing a building’s energy performance, carbon dioxide emissions, daylighting, air flow, solar analysis etc. It can be used on new builds, refurbishment projects and in-use evaluation to answer key sustainable design questions.

With the help of sketchup architects and designers perform energy modeling and create concept models into their design process as early as possible.
The sketchup plug-ins helps designers and architects to categorize window size, room type, orientation, building location, and materials to take the multi-disciplinary decision making of an integrated design process.

The plug-ins also facilitate design iterations in the areas of energy, carbon, water, climate impact, solar and daylight analysis early in the design phase that leads to a low-cost, high quality solution for sustainable building.

Download SketchUp and installed the IES SketchUp Plug-In. After that build a new SketchUp model or start with one of IES’s models. You have to define the building’s location and function including its HVAC system, envelope, and the distribution of specific spaces all through the structure. The plug-in will then calculate its energy performance in contrast to an average U.S. building and to 2030 Challenge targets for that building type.

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Rajib Dey

VE Gaia - Sketchup Plugin

VE-Gaia, a new module debuting in the upcoming VE 6.0, creates revolution in building performance analysis. The plug-in contains a series of expandable bullet items that leads to perform specific building performance analyses through a logical workflow

The plug-in comes up with the power of IES analysis with the help of its step-by-step” smart navigation that includes a series of tasks ranging from advanced modeling, to energy/carbon analysis, to LEED and Green Star credit interrogation and report creation.

The plug-in can generate complex advanced simulations that facilitates designers to identify progress, control quality, iterate workflows, trigger simulations, filter results and produce automated visual and rich-text reports.

Project stakeholders get the ability to mould and explain the progress of the work within the framework supported by the Navigators.

The plug-in contains ‘notes’ and ‘date/user stamp’ functions which leads to quality assurance process to be exported for documentation purposes.
The plug-in can create quick, fruitful feedback from architectural models directly as it has direct linking with SketchUp™, Revit® and ArchiCAD®. Alongwith GBXML and DXF import functions the plug-in can input and manipulate appropriate building data within an integrated central data model.

Download free plugins for sketchup

Sketchup Windowizer plug-in

Rick Wilson from Smustard created the free plug-ins called Windowizer plugin for Google's SketchUpTM 3D modeling software. It is available in version 3 & 4. It is a simple but useful tool to make windows especially store front windows for SketchUp model. With this plug-in one can apply various features like trim colors, glass styles and arrangements to the windows.

The sketchup users don’t have to model windows manually. After installing the Plugin just select any number of faces (ensure that the face will become the window area) and right click to choose the Windowizer tool. A dialog box will appear with different properties of window like amount of rows and columns, frame and mullion sizes, insets, and glass and frame colors/textures etc. Set the properties and windows will be created automatically.

The plug-in come up with the following features :-

 supports multiple face selections
 supports curved and angled faces
 supports separate frame and mullion sizes