Thursday, June 2, 2011

GeoSketch Parametric Rooftop Tools for sketchup

Cogent3D, Inc recently announced the availability of two unique products for Google SketchUp which include a FREE parametric generation Rooftop plug-in with plane cut tool and a 3D photo modeler TacForge™ GeoSketch™ Version 2.2.

GeoSketch Version 2.2 would bring some exclusive advantages for sketchup users :-

Now sketchup users can create 3D models with Video/Oblique imagery/Handheld and Cell Phone Imagery/Satellite Imagery/Imagery with and without camera models.

Ability to create hip, pitched, and other roof types with overhangs and the base building structure.

Instantly create 3D models alongwith parallel slicing, clipped surface cutting, and much more.

The sketchup users can enhance the modeling process with the help of a custom inference engine to Sketchup

A number of a CAD and Open Format support to export the 3-D models built inside Google SketchUp.

The sketchup users will be able to write OpenFlight compliant 3-D models directly without performing a conversion process with another tool. OpenFlight can include SMC/FID and multiple LODS.

Now the sketchup users can directly publish to the internal format of Microsoft Flight Simulator and LMCO Prepar3D for flight game and serious gaming applications.

The sketchup users will get the ability to export correlated Google Earth KML Collada 3-D, Gaming, and OpenFlight directly from Google SketchUp to ensure 3-D model correlation between all their applications.

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