Wednesday, August 21, 2013

LaunchUp for sketchup

LaunchUp for Sketchup

It is a free plugin and compatible with SketchUp Versions: v.8 M3, v.8 M2. 

This plugin acts as a quick launcher to explore and carry out features of SketchUp plugins which are already been installed.

The Sketchup users can look for native SketchUp features along with plugins and choose them with the help of mouse or keyboard. Inapplicable features in the existing context will not be executed and will be visible as grayed out. 

It a user click on the clock button it will take him to the huge lists of recently applied features and the user don't have to further search it. The user can apply this list similar to a dynamic toolbar.

This plugin will be workable if the user adjust (intercept) SketchUp API methods as the API does not contain any methods (UI::Command.proc). If any sketchup user experience any complicacy, just eliminate this plugin and restart SketchUp.

Menu ‘Plugins‘ → ‘LaunchUp – Tool Launcher‘
or apply a shortcut with ctrl+space
The push pin icon toggles if LaunchUp remains open all the time, or whether it hides when a command is given.
The clock icon toggles the history of currently utilized features.
Explore “LaunchUp – Options” to alter settings.

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Published by Rajib Dey
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