Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sketchup plugin in 2013

Sketchup Plugin : CURVILOFT v1.2d

Curviloft facilitates sketchup users to extrude diversified 2d profile in plain ol sketchup with its Loft By Spline tool.

This plugin can make surfaces from contour lines. It has the similarity with SketchUp Sandbox. The plugin can easily create caves, pipes, etc. Requires installation of the plugin LibFredo V4.7a.

Downloadable link

bim.bon for sketchup – A new plugin

A group of architects and programmers from Brazil develop this plugin with a view to empower the SketchUp for budgeting projects run on this platform. This plugin allows users to perform directly on the Internet or from the 3d model in Trimble SketchUp. Avail the huge collections of building materials and decoration containing products and prices updated. Download 3D models and for kitchen and bathroom products, doors, windows, floor, wall, structure, roof and much more.. The plugin is useful for making construction budget smoothly and instantly.

Downloadable link

Super Section Sketchup plugin

Clark Bremer, Professional timber framer and former programmer, introduced this unique plugin useful for modeling timber frame. It can easily make 2D slices with model of timber framers like think bent sections and wall sections. The software has the capability to position the section cut on its own layer along with its own scene. The new layer is shown only in that scene but not in any prevailing scenes, or future scenes which you include.

The tutorial will be very useful for modeling timber frame designs in 3D.


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