Thursday, June 8, 2017

Brief demonstration of all the plugins included in Fredo Tools

Fredo Tools combine different types of plugins. Given below the lists of these plugins :-
Revert Curve
Curvi Shear
Report Label Area
Construct Face Normal
Mark Vertices
Count Faces By Sides
Remove Lonely Vertices
Thru Paint
Reverse Orient Faces

Edge Inspector
Move Along
Draw Along
Angle Inspector
Element Stats
Auto Reverse Faces

In this sketchup video tutorial, one can learn the process for applying Fredo tools along with all the plugins included within it.
To run Fredo tools, you have to install LibFredo6 7.5b or higher version.
To download the latest version, click on the following link

The above plugins will not be visible in the toolbar rather they can be accessed from the menu.

Watch the demonstration of each plugin.
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