Sunday, January 8, 2017

How to use fast style badges to accelerate your sketchup model

This exclusive sketchup video is presented by the youtuber The Sketchup Essentials. By watching this exclusive video one can learn how to use fast style badges inside sketchup to run your model more speedily. Some styles contain unique features like sketchy edges, extensions to lines, etc but these can reduce speed of your model significantly. It happens as the bigger models include numerous lines and faces.

While choosing a style in SketchUp, the styles section is applied in your tray. When you explore the various style options, you will find that some of the styles contain a little green stop watch in the corner.

The stop watch notifies the SketchUp users that these style apply less processing power, and therefore runs speedily.

If it is required to alter the styles and save them, SketchUp will auto detect if the produced new style requires a fast style badge.

If you’re dealing with a model and it is assumed that everything is dragging a bit, ensure to apply a style that contains a fast style badge.

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Rajib Dey

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