Friday, July 21, 2017

Some useful tips to produce organic canopy with sandbox tools in sketchup

This exclusive sketchup tutorial is presented by Justin Geis, the founder of sketchup essential. The tutorial provides detailed guidelines for creating the model of an organic canopy by applying sandbox tools in sketchup.

The sandbox tools are useful for generating terrain models out of contours involving elevations and drape objects (roads, parks, buildings, water bodies, etc.) over the terrain model. The Sandbox tools originates from a Ruby script language extension that dispatches with SketchUp. It contains different types of tools like sandbox from contours, sandbox from scratch, smoove, stamp, drape, add detail, flip edge etc. can be applied for all types of geometry exclusive of topological terrain.
The entire design is created with sketchup make 2017. Besides, to improve the design process, some exclusive sketchup plugin like selection toys and Lines2Tubes are used.
Thomas Thomassen has developed selection toys. This sketchup plugin contains set of commands to control selection.
Click on the following link to download the plugin

Didier Bur has developed Lines2Tubes. This sketchup plugin can be used to transform lines, arcs, circles, curves into cylinders. It is very useful to deliver wireframe-like model.
Click on the following link to download the plugin

Watch the online demonstration.

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