Wednesday, November 1, 2017

How to swap low-poly proxy components for highly detailed model through components window

This sketchup video tutorial is a part of sketchup skill builder series. In this sketchu video, one will learn the process to interchange low-poly proxy components for exceedingly detailed model with the use of components window.

If you have models which contain lots of geometries, it will slow down your computer. To resolve the issue, you have to make proxies which are nothing but simple components to represent where the geometry is going to be placed. It can be done with a instant click substituted with more complicated geometry.

While going to create more and more complicated objects SketchUp, you need to save those objects in order to utilize them repeatedly. It is also often required to allocate your objects with other or download other people's objects from the web. All these can be performed with components. It all takes place in the Components window that is available under Window, Components.

It does not represent all the objects in the scene but only those objects which are transformed into components. There are three tabs in this components window. One is the Select tab that facilitates the users to choose components. The next one is Edit that facilitates the users to edit current components. Besides, there is a Statistics tab that empowers the users to observe statistics about the components.

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